• Pillars/Piles Hydrodemolition

360° Concrete Removal

Aquajet offers a number of innovative solutions for difficult concrete repairs. Our Hydrodemolition equipment offers 360° removal capabilities for easier restoration in road and bridge repair applications. Above or below the water, Hydrodemolition improves bridge work efficiency and other concrete removal tasks in marine environments.

Round shape

With a Circular Power Head attached to your cutter robot you can perform miracles and remove both defective and unsound concrete. You can also work under water with CPH attached to the Aqua Spine.

Pillars/Piles Hydrodemolition

Square or oval shape

Thanks to the tower system on our cutter robots you can remove specific sections on a wall. Just face the wall and remove the concrete by indexing up or down.

Oval Pillars/Piles Hydrodemolition