Aquajet in South Africa

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Total Blasting

24 Buwbes Street, Sebenza
Edenglen 1613
South Africa

Phone: +27 11 452 3292


Year Partnered with Aquajet: 2021

Number of Employees: 25

Coverage Area: Africa

Sales, demonstrations, training, spare parts, rentals, and repair and maintenance, with locations in Johannesburg and Durban. We have a strong foothold in sub-Saharan Africa as well as Nigeria and Ghana.

Strengths of Aquajet products:
As a total solutions provider, we strive to deliver the industry’s leading product ranges to our customers. Aquajet is a fully automated, robotic Hydrodemolition solution that offers the most advanced technology on the market. We can say with confidence that their products are field tested, and they are the proven leaders throughout the industry for safety, efficiency and effectiveness.

Thoughts on Hydrodemolition and water blasting with Aquajet products:
Traditional means of concrete removal, such as laborers using jackhammers and hand lances,   are the norm throughout Africa at this time. The stumbling block has always been the cost of implementing advanced robotic solutions. To date, we have not had a project of significance to showcase the technology. However, a contractor was recently awarded a project where they are using multiple Aqua Cutter 410 robots for the first time on a major concrete repair in South Africa. This is going to provide a great opportunity for the market to witness the true results and potential of automated Hydrodemolition. We believe other contractors as well as engineers and the industry as a whole will see the value of the increased productivity and safety robotic Hydrodemolition brings to their work. This will create a strong reference point and stimulation for the adoption of the technology on future projects on the continent.

Outlook/Future Plans:
Africa is in a position to benefit from Hydrodemolition technology in many applications, including roads and bridge construction, petrochemical and mining. For example, we have a large number of infrastructure projects on the horizon – this includes aged existing structures that require repair as well as new projects. Being able to automate what is currently hard, manual labor will help contractors get more work done quickly, while improving workforce safety and adding the enormous technical benefits of using Hydrodemolition over conventional methods. Our rental option allows customers the opportunity to try out the technology without the capital outlay. We’re looking forward to helping our customers implement Hydrodemolition solutions and grow their businesses.