Aquajet in Switzerland


Atumat AG

Hofstrasse 2
8181 Hori

Phone: (+41) 56 485 87 87


Partnered with Aquajet: 1993

Employees: 3

Services: We offer full service, from sales and support to repairs and training.

Coverage Area: Switzerland

Aquajet Strengths:
For everyday tough use on construction sites, our customers need robust and reliable machines with which they can efficiently carry out a wide range of precise work. With Aquajet, we have the right, innovative partner to meet all these requirements.

Hydrodemolition robots have made it possible to reduce hard manual labor and to achieve better results faster. We expect more people to recognize the significant advantages and leave behind manual methods.

The ecological aspect of Hydrodemolition is something that is already important to customers. We expect that emphasis to increase, especially with growing concerns about water availability. Aquajet has been responsive to environmental concerns and created an automated system that efficiently and effectively treats the water and makes it possible to reuse it in the equipment.

No doubt Aquajet will continue to develop innovative solutions that advance how the industry addresses challenges. There are many exciting possibilities for how Hydrodemolition technology will evolve, and we look forward to being part of that.