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An environmentally safe method

To us, safety and sustainability are of utmost importance. Our strategic environmentfocus on safe products, safe working conditions and sustainable water treatment has given us a leading position in the hydrodemolition industry. Today, hydrodemolition is not only the most efficient method for protecting and preserving concrete, it’s also the safest method around. Taking responsibility for the impact of our products and services on people in their everyday lives is a key factor of our success. Hydrodemolition should always be safe, healthy and sustainable. Noisy, unwieldy and dangerous products are not our cup of tea. It’s the other way around. We care about you and the world around us.

Be autonomous, not dangerous

Hydrodemolition is safer than any other concrete removal method due to its automatic nature. It basically eliminates manual labor from the picture, keeping the operator out of harm’s way. Our automated robots and fixed hydrodemolition equipment are always operated from a safe distance with a remote control. The operator at the site doesn’t have to worry about debris or projectiles flying around, nor dust pollution in the air or the potential risk of silicosis. With our innovation, Ergo Systems, you can also automate your sanitization operations and make your everyday work a whole lot easier, safer and faster.

Join the academy of safety

Aquajet’s dedication to safety is not only found in our products. Transferring our way of thinking to our customers and to construction sites around the world is key for achieving a safe workplace. To make the most out of our products we have a training program called Aquajet Academy. By taking part in our safety training you’ll be ready to take on the most challenging operations in the safest way possible. After a completed course you’ll also be more efficient and faster. Win-win!

No vibrations, less noise

Aquajet’s products are designed to meet all possible needs and safety regulations. Our products provide the best possible performance and efficiently remove concrete in constant or variable thickness. One of the major benefits of a hydrodemolition operation is that you don’t have to think about vibrations. Because there are none. Vibrations from mechanical tools, such as jackhammers, are transmitted to the rebars and jeopardize the bond in the concrete. In addition, you don’t have to worry about vibrations in the surrounding structure. They’re completely eliminated. Hands and arms damages are also avoided. As as bonus, our products significantly reduce the transmission of sound through the structure.

Aquajet’s products can be used for a variety of applications, even in urban environments with highly regulated noise levels. Power Pack EcoSilence leads the way. It’s quieter and more fuel-efficient than our standard packs. In fact, the noise output is less than half compared to any other power pack on the market. With Power Pack EcoSilence you can be right in the middle of things in residential, office and commerce areas, and still meet stringent and imposed noise requirements. The only sound you’ll think about is the sound of efficiency.

Water is everything

The presence of water is the very basics of hydrodemolition. Our customers use the power of water to remove deteriorated and damaged concrete in the safest and most efficient way possible, but there’s more to hydrodemolition than meets the eye. Hydrodemolition is also about protecting water and discharging water back into the environment in a safe way. Our state-of-the-art water treatment solution, EcoClear, takes care of the problem on a completely new level. With EcoClear, you don’t need an extra water reservoir or any kinds of filters. It’s also operator friendly, and takes care of all particles. No pollution. No fuss. No remorse.


    Did you know?


Hydrodemolition, compared to manual concrete renovation methods, prolongs the structure’s total lifetime up to 4 times.


Hydrodemolition is 100% free from vibrations. That’s not only good for the operator, it’s outstanding for the surrounding structure.


Hydrodemolition only requires 1/4 of your regular workforce. The remaining three quarters can be used at a another worksite.