• Airport Hydrodemolition Concrete Repair

Highly Productive Concrete Removal

Runway maintenance takes off with versatile surface preparation solutions. Heavy traffic and high loads put airport runways to the test. Aquajet’s innovative Hydrodemolition equipment provides high-quality material removal for a lasting concrete restoration on runways, tarmacs and other airport surfaces.


Large surfaces can be removed, thanks to our AQUA CUTTER robots automation and efficiency. Patchworks like circles, triangles and other geometrical shapes can easily be done with the Evolution control system. You can go down to solid concrete or completely remove all concrete. The rebars remain intact after the operation.

Airport runway hydrodemolition concrete removal

Rubber removal

When landing and braking, rubber coatings from airplane tires are stuck in the concrete. The coatings can easily be removed with a Rotolance.

Rotolance airport runway rubber removal