• Hydropower Plant Hydrodemolition

Ideal Industrial Cleaning Solution

Hydrodemolition equipment can perform a number of important tasks. From industrial cleaning to concrete removal and surface preparation, our robotic solutions increase safety and productivity.


Thanks to the stability of our AQUA CUTTER robots, it’s possible to operate directly on slopes. Very steep slopes can be operated with the AQUA SPINE.

Hydropower Plant Hydrodemolition


Thanks to the tower system on our cutter robots you can remove specific sections on a wall. Just face the wall and remove the concrete by indexing up or down.

Hydropower Plant Hydrodemolition


Large surfaces can be removed, thanks to our AQUA CUTTER robot’s automation and efficiency. Patchworks like circles, triangles and other geometrical shapes can easily be done with the Evolution control system. You can go down to solid concrete or completely remove all concrete. The rebars remain intact after the operation.

Buildings/Structure Hydrodemolition


Very steep slopes can be operated with the AQUA SPINE or AQUA FRAME.

Hydropower Plant Hydrodemolition


With the ISC system (Intelligent Sensing Control) the power head can work partially or completely under water.

Hydropower Plant Hydrodemolition