• Tunnel Hydrodemolition

Confined Space Hydrodemolition

Extended reach and flexible support options bring the power and precision of Hydrodemolition underground. Our robotic equipment excels at concrete removal and surface preparation on curved tunnel walls. Eliminate vibrations and dust for safer confined space operation.


Thanks to the flexibility of our cutter robots, all shapes of tunnels can be operated. For highest efficiency our robots are programmed to work along the tunnel. Various types of roller beams for variable tunnel radius are available.

Tunnel Hydrodemolition

Railway tunnel

Our products give you full accessibility in railway tunnels. The AQUA CUTTER robots can be operated from a rail wagon or along the tracks.

Tunnel Hydrodemolition

Square tunnel

Thanks to the tower system on our AQUA CUTTER robots you can remove specific sections on a wall. Just face the wall and remove the concrete by indexing up or down.

Tunnel Hydrodemolition