Aquajet in Spain

Hammelmann SL

Pol. Ind. Valdeconsejo
C/ Monte Perdido Parc. 7A-2B
E-50410 Cuarte de Huerva
Zaragoza – España/Spain

Phone: (+34) 976 504 753


Partnered with Aquajet: 2015

Employees: 8

Services: Sales, service, training, repair

Coverage Area: Spain and Portugal

Aquajet strengths:
Service and support are Aquajet’s strengths. We provide local service and support in Spain and Portugal, and can respond quickly to our local customers’ needs. And Aquajet is very responsive to us when we have questions or need something. The great teamwork between us and Aquajet allows us to provide excellent service to our customers here.

Hydrodemolition is gaining traction in this market. We receive frequent inquiries about doing work using this technology and expect to see it becoming more commonly used. For our part, we are increasing our educational activities, such as offering webinars and enhancing our website. We started an Aquajet Systems Espana LinkedIn page – written in Spanish – and encourage people who are interested in Hydrodemolition to follow us.