FAQ – Ecosilence 3.0

Frequently asked questions about our Ecosilence 3.0


Q: What is the height of the container?

A: The height of the container is 8.5 feet (2.6 meters) and the length is 20 feet (6.1 meters), which is the standard height of shipping containers. We trimmed 3 feet to make it easier to transport and for a smaller jobsite footprint. Even so, the container still provides ample storage for the Aqua Cutter robot, accessories and tools.


Q: What is the micron size of the valve filters?

A: If the filter is an ultra-high pressure (UHP) filter, then the primary filter is 10 microns and the secondary filter that’s placed just before the pump is 1 micron. If it’s a non-UHP, both filters are 10 microns.


Q: What delivery time do you estimate?

A: We estimate a delivery time of 10 weeks plus shipping time, and the first units are in production now. To get the process started, you can build an Ecosilence to your specifications using our new configurator tool, which is available at Aquajet Configurator. This tool will also generate a quote.


Q: When you designed the sealed-off engine compartment, did you have some specific applications or conditions in mind?

A: When we designed the Ecosilence 3.0, we were thinking of both urban environments and harsh environments, such as harbors or places with extreme cold. The sealed engine compartment does two things: One is that no debris or moisture can get in to compromise the engine, thereby allowing for operation in any weather. The second is that minimal sound comes out, making it ideal in for use in populated areas. Basically, the sealed engine compartment keeps hazards out and noise in, so that it is suitable for any location, in any weather.


Q: What engines are currently used on the 700?

A: The standard engines are Volvo.


Q: What is the total weight?

A: The total weight is around 11 tons.


Q: What is the sound dBA?

A: The sound level of the Ecosilence is around 73 decibels. For the pro version it is around 65. The new, skid-mounted engine and pump are isolated and heat regulated in a sealed compartment at the front of the container, limiting noise to allow operation in urban areas and other noise-sensitive environments.


Q: In which markets do you expect the biggest sales/breakthrough initially?

A: We expect strong sales in the European and North American markets. Both markets have a need for quiet, compact equipment that meets environmental regulations and lowers overall operating costs.


Q: How would the unit behave in hot weather? Is it possible to get good motor and pump cooling?

A: The unit is designed to work in temperatures up to 45° C (113° F). The integrated engine and high-pressure pump unit pairs with a state-of-the-art liquid-to-air heat exchanger to provide quiet, efficient operation for all Hydrodemolition applications.


Q: What about servicing the pump?

A: For servicing the pump, there is an option to add the crane that fits on the side of the pump where you lift up the pump head. Then it’s easy to swing it out the side door to service the valves, seals or the pistons.


Q: What are the recommended service intervals?

A: The service interval for oil and filters is 1,000 hours. For other services it varies from 1,000 hours and up. Ecosilence 3.0 has a new service indicator system that will prompt you when it’s time to service, and the new start/stop system will allow for more high-pressure hours between the services.


Q: Is a CAT engine available?

A: A CAT engine is not available at this time.


Q: Is there designated storage space in the unit for the robot mast?

A: There is ample space for the robot mast to be stored next to the robot.


Q: Would it be possible to choose Stage 3 diesel engines with the new features as well?

A: Yes, you can choose a Stage 3 diesel engine for an Ecosilence. In fact, you can build the Ecosilence to your specifications. See our new Ecosilence configurator to build your own and to get quote: Aquajet Configurator.


Q: How does this compare in price to the older unit?

A: Moving forward, our new units will all be Ecosilence with the enclosed environment. They can be built to customer specifications, so the price will vary. We recommend going to the Aquajet Configurator page to design an Ecosilence and to get an estimate based on your specifications.


Q: Is the engine SCR incorporated into the silencer?

A: Yes, it is. The first silencer includes the SCR and the particle filter.


Q: Why double pass valves? What is the flow/pressure on this particular unit?

A: The double bypass valve is used because it’s a UHP pump. That pump in particular is 2,550 bars. That is why you’re seeing the double valves – 100 liters/minute. The Ecosilence 3.0 is available in several pressure and flow combinations, allowing operators to scale equipment to meet their specific needs.


Q: For the 400v, can it be Americanized to standard power in North America?

A: This option with a 400-volt system is what we have now for the European standard. We can make a system that is specified exactly to meet the customer’s needs if we get a proper specification. See our new configurator tool: Aquajet Configurator.


Q: How has the coronavirus pandemic affected Aquajet?

A: The biggest effect of the coronavirus on Aquajet so far was changing how Ecosilence 3.0 was launched. We originally planned an in-person event and had to move to Plan B when it became clear that travel wouldn’t be safe or even possible. Otherwise, we have been able to minimize the effects and continue innovating and serving our customers.


Q: What is the pressure and flow for high pressure? Say 1500 bar?

A: If you have a 700 hp unit and 1500 bars, then you’d have about 180 liters/minute in flow.


Q: What service do you offer in the U.S.?

A: Through our relationship with Brokk, we have facilities and Aquajet representatives across North America. We have great inventory, parts, service and training support for our customers there.


Q: What size and number of outlet hoses is recommended for this UHP pump? What is the flow rate of this UHP pump?

A: On this pump, we’ve chosen to use only one DN12 hose. It’s also possible to use two smaller hoses. The flow rate of the pump is 100 liters/minute.


Q: Can we see the waterplate?

A: Yes, the inlet and outlet are visible by sliding open the hatch that protects it during transport. Please see Ecosilence 3.0 PRO under Water inlet and outlet.


Q: Does it have to be marine standard engines? Or can you rebuild an older engine version to this silence system?

A: Ecosilence 3.0 has an industrial engine with the latest emission standards. And yes, it can be built with an older engine.


Q: With the auto start/stop technology, do you expect fuel efficiency to be fairly consistent in different conditions?

A: Yes, the fuel efficiency is consistent. The only variable would be how much downtime you have. Typically, we see on the gauges that half of the running time is idling time. If you are working 8 hours per day, then the unit without the auto start/stop technology would be idling for 4 hours. Using about 7 liters/hour at idle will save you around 28 liters per day.


Q: Can an older 700 system be converted to this system?

A: Unfortunately, no. It’s a completely different system.


Q: Can we have any pump spec in the Ecosilence now?

A: Yes, we can use all of the pump flows and all kinds of pressures in this unit. It doesn’t rely on the water flow like the old Ecosilence did. We really have no limits. Our new configurator tool will allow you to build an Ecosilence 3.0 to your specifications: Aquajet Configurator.


Q: What is the size of the diesel tank, and what is the autonomy of work in full regime?

A: The size of the tank on the 700 and 500 models is 925 liters. That is enough for about nine hours of high-pressure operation.


Q: What is the maximum hp for the power pack?

A: The maximum is 700 hp or 515 kW.


Q: Can you build a larger unit?

A: What can be imagined can be built. We are always interested in learning what customers want and need to be successful and using that information to guide innovation. That’s where Ecosilence 3.0 came from. A customer who was working in a harbor came to us with a problem. The old design relied on pulling outside air in to cool the engine. But in a harbor, the cool marine air flooded the compartment with fog. That’s why we closed off the engine compartment, which also helped make the unit quieter.


Q: How long is the delay for restart when the auto start/stop is working?

A: The delay for the auto start/stop technology is very brief. It’s just 1 or 2 seconds for the engine to start and then get up to pressure.


Q: What are the benefits of the auto start/stop technology?

A: The auto start/stop technically functions like a car auto start/stop. With no idling, emissions and fuel consumption are reduced and the life of the engine is extended.


Q: Can I connect and control the Ecosilence 3.0 from my Aqua Cutter radio remote?

A: Yes, you can do that by adding the extra receiver in your configuration.


Q: How far does the Revo remote reach from the Ecosilence 3.0?

A: It can be used up to 300 meters away with extension cables. This allows you to take full control of all processes wherever you are operating your Aqua Cutter.


Q: What do you mean by auto shutdown?

A: The main power system on the Ecosilence 3.0 is fully automatic and includes a number of built-in features. This means that the engine automatically will shutdown at low battery level, engine boot down and lights off. You can also manually set your own parameters for automatic shutdown after a certain time.



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