Thinking outside the boxhydrodemolition aquajet systems power pack revo remote

The REVO REMOTE system is a mobile extension of our state-of-the-art control system for Power Packs, the REVO control system. It allows you to take full control of all processes in your Power Pack wherever you are operating your AQUA CUTTER, not at the Power Pack itself. This is thinking outside the box, literally speaking.revo_remote_small

A mobile mirror

The very purpose of the REVO REMOTE system is to make your work easier in enclosed areas or when there’s a long distance from the Power Pack to the AQUA CUTTER. The REVO REMOTE system is a complete mirror of the control panel on the Power Pack. This means that you have full access to start/stop, alarms, pressure, rpm, temperature and much more without being near the Power Pack.


Your full attention

Easy access during your operation is essential for us. And for that reason, the REVO REMOTE plugs right into the remote control outlet on the Power Pack. The Power Pack can be locked off and will take care of itself and doesn’t need any extra attention. With the REVO REMOTE system you can control the ON/OFF pressure function directly from the box or to use any remote, pedal or radio receiver.

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