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  • Interview with Olivier Dupont, Techniques Haute Pression

  • Interview with Mark West, Watertight Systems

  • Aquajet World Tour – North America

  • Interview with Brian Connolly, Dan-Kel Concrete Cutting

  • Interview with Mike Miller, CLC Hydro Services

  • Interview with Cameron Kerr, Jetstream

  • Brad Rogers from Structural Systems Repair Group

  • David Porciello from Cor-Blast Services Inc


  • Eco-friendly parking garage restoration

    With decades of experience in new construction and commercial renovation, general contractor and construction manager Arguson Projects Inc. understood the logistical challenges posed by a multi-year, multi-million dollar parking garage renovation in Toronto’s East End. The 39-year-old structure — an open-air parkade with a roof deck, two suspended slabs and asphalt on grade — needed […]

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  • Emergency repair implemented faster with Hydrodemolition on Pensacola Bay bridge

    The Pensacola Bay Bridge, also known as the Three-Mile Bridge, connects downtown Pensacola to Gulf Breeze, Florida. The four-lane bridge is a major artery of US Highway 98 across Pensacola Bay. The bridge structure is built on piles which support a system of trophies, support beams and a cast-in-place concrete bridge deck.   In […]

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  • Aquajet’s innovative robotic solution provides productivity for Philippine bridge project

    No matter the project — from a simple structure to a massive, multi-million-dollar bridge system — efficient construction requires thorough planning. But, even with flawless logistics, projects can run into challenges that put deadlines in jeopardy.   Construction is currently underway in the Philippines on a massive bridge system connecting Cebu City with Cordova […]

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  • Aquajet Increases Productivity on 20-Mile, 14-Bridge Project

    The project was the largest Hydrodemolition undertaking in the state’s history. With a number of bridge decks on I-70 between Cove Fort and Sevier showing signs of significant wear, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) knew they were looking at a major repair operation. The 20-mile project included replacing the deck concrete on 14 […]

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  • Canadian contractor pushes limits of Hydrodemolition

    More than 400 miles north of Winnipeg, the Keeyask Generation Project is being constructed on the lower Nelson River. The 695-megawatt hydroelectric generating station, scheduled for completion in 2021, will be a source of renewable energy, producing an average of 4,400 gigawatt hours of electricity each year. The energy produced will be integrated into […]

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  • Refractory removal from heat plant boiler

    The worksite was a heating plant. And the task at hand was to remove the refractory inside a boiler, so it could be replaced. Time was of the essence because the plant generated electric power and supplied heat for a city of 225,000 people.   Thanks to Aquajet’s Ergo, all hand lance work was […]

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