Water treatment

Catch and release with Aquajet’s Ecoclear

It’s easy to see why concrete repair contractors are turning more and more to robotic Hydrodemolition. The method provides fast, safe and efficient concrete removal. Technological advances have made Hydrodemolition machines more versatile, more compact and more durable. But, as governing bodies and project managers step up environmental regulations to protect communities and ecosystems, one important question remains — “What do you do with the wastewater?”


On-site treatment solution

Previously, methods to treat wastewater on site were inefficient, took up too much space, or were simply unavailable, requiring operators to hire third-party contractors to manage the process. Depending on the removal contactor, water vacuum collection and hauling services can cost as much as $0.15 per gallon for treatment alone. Add hauling and personnel fees and an operation could end up paying as much as $50,000 for water removal for a one-week Hydrodemolition project. To remain competitive, many Hydrodemolition contractors have turned to Aquajet for an on-site treatment solution.


The EcoClear, paired with a collection system, provides the best of both worlds — the efficiency of Hydrodemolition with reliable, cost-effective water treatment to reduce pH levels and turbidity so that it can be safely reused by the machine or released back into the environment. All necessary instruments and components, including controls, mixers and dosing systems, are integrated into a 20-foot unit that is easy to transport and takes up minimal space on crowded jobsites. The machine works with Aquajet’s full line of Hydrodemolition robots — including the Aqua Cutter 410V and 710V models — and allows contractors to treat wastewater onsite and in real time, maximizing efficiency while maintaining an environmentally sound jobsite.



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