Recirculation of water

The circle of water


Aquajet’s EcoClear water treatment system solves the problem of what to do with water used in the Hydrodemolition process. Treated water can be discharged into the environment or recirculated back to the robot, eliminating the need for a constant fresh water source or a third-party to collect and remove water.


Here’s how it works.

The Hydrodemolition process starts with fresh water pumped into a tank. A drain pump in the tank transfers water to the Power Pack. From there, a high-pressure hose carries water to the Aqua Cutter robot that blasts away deteriorated concrete or other material. Dirty water is then collected in an embankment where another drain pump carries it to the EcoClear. Once the water is treated and returned to a neutral pH level, it drains into a catch tank where it can be pumped back into the fresh-water tank, where the process starts over.


Some of the water evaporates during the Hydrodemolition process, but up to 90% can be collected, treated and recirculated. This results in significant cost savings compared to hiring a third-party contractor to collect and remove water, which can cost as much as $50,000 for a one-week Hydrodemolition project.

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