The quality

Great power, great responsibility

Aquajet has been the leading inventor and provider of Hydrodemoliton technology since the nineteen-eighties. Since then we are committed to provide the industry with the best equipment on the market. With the help from our customers, we continually improve our products and solutions. We can only claim to be the best in the business. The reality is up to you to decide.

Product development

Continuous product development and stringent tests is the key to becoming a reliable supplier of first class machinery. With design, engineering and manufacturing by our own engineering team allow us to maintain full control of our R&D. By cooperation, listening to and taking advice from our experienced customers and responding to the market place needs, we have been able to design the most efficient and cost effective Hydrodemolition units available on the market.

Our own way

All AQUA CUTTER robots, rail systems and accessories, are designed specifically for the purpose intended. We do not attempt to take any shortcuts or use any proprietary units as the basis of design or construction. From the first line on our state of the art CAD drawing systems, every feature and detail is custom designed to meet our customer’s high expectations on efficiency, function, productivity, and reliability of the equipment.

Quality tests

Our policy and commitment is to offer high quality, flexibility and first class service. But a consistent level of high quality is not enough for us. Every single machine that leaves our factory has been subjected to our significant and individual functions and quality test. Furthermore, every new product is subjected to extensive field tests before it will be released. As a customer you always receive documentation for each unit, where the test is specified in details.

Training and safety

Safety is one of the important priorities for our customers; a training course will be part of our delivery. This course will, in general, take place at the customers working facilities and/or jobsite. The course participants will go through a detailed program with practice in Safety, Operation and Service of the equipment. A certificate of approval will be issued to each attendant who fulfills the training.

Operational system

We have fulfilled the ISO 9001 approval from Lloyds register since 1998. At that time, we were the first manufacturer of Hydrodemolition equipment in the world to receive this approval. Today, it’s version ISO 9001:2008. With the annual control and examination by Lloyds Register we are certified and approved to be in line with the latest recommendations and regulations for design and production of high-class machinery.

Trust the CE mark

Putting the CE mark on our equipment means it is designed and manufactured in accordance with the European regulations for machinery and equipment. We have been committed to have this as our minimum insistence on equipment from the first days this regulation went into force.