The strategy

Strategic common sense

Detailed quality control and continuous product development are key factors in our global strategy. This commitment begins inside our facilities in Sweden and is passed on to our partners in over 25 countries worldwide.

Detailed quality control

Quality control management, from initial development of a system, to after sales service is implemented from our facilities in Sweden. We have fulfilled the ISO 9001 approval from Lloyds register sin 1998. Furthermore, we were the first manufacturer of Hydrodemolition equipment in the world to receive this approval.

In-house development

Continuous product development is the key to becoming a market leader. Design, engineering and manufacturing are done in-house by our competent staff, allowing us maintain full control of our extensive R&D program. By listening to our customers and responding to market needs, we have been able to develop the most efficient and cost effective Hydrodemolition robots available.

The world is our playground

We proudly deliver Hydrodemolition units to customers all over the world. Our local distributors represent our products with the same elation as we do in the small Swedish town of Holsbybrunn. We are the leading supplier in our own backyard, in Sweden and in over 30 countries worldwide.