Accessories to increase your Aqua Cutter’s versatility

Hydrodemolition has proven to be a go-to method for concrete removal and repair. Not every project is straightforward flatwork, however. Some jobs present unique circumstances that require extra equipment to reach an especially tight space in a tunnel or to remove concrete under a bridge deck, for example. But just because the location and circumstances are challenging, don’t write off Aquajet. Our Hydrodemolition robots are designed to perform in a variety of applications, even the most complicated. Our offerings include an array of accessories to get the power of Hydrodemolition to places an Aqua Cutter can’t go.

Aqua Spine

Some surfaces, such as a tall bridge pylon or dam spillway, are simply inaccessible for a Hydrodemolition robot. But an Aqua Spine, a multi-modular system that allows high-pressure water jets to precisely remove concrete in these niche applications, greatly diversifies the catalog of potential Hydrodemolition jobs. The spine paired with the cutting head is placed on a surface while the Aqua Cutter is placed at a distance. On a dam spillway, for example, the Aqua Cutter can be placed on the ground while the Aqua Spine is lifted onto the spillway for concrete removal.

The Aqua Spine provides an easy path to effectively tackle the challenging surface with two interchangeable rail designs for the power head to mount on. The smaller dual system excels for projects with tight working quarters like a crawl space or concrete wall with a nearby structure. For longer spans, the triple system shines and can work up to 19 feet (6 meters) without additional support. The Aqua Spine provides flexibility with a wide range of water pressures, administering 15,000 to 40,000 psi depending on the required power for material removal.

For example, concrete needed to be removed from a 120-meter-tall bridge pylon in St. Petersburg, Russia. An Aqua Cutter 410A paired with the Aqua Spine removed 77 square meters while keeping the rebar and inner-steel structure intact. The Aqua Cutter sat on top of the pylon, while the Aqua Spine was assembled on the ground to the length of the working area (10 meters) and lifted into place on the side of the pylon.

An Aqua Cutter 410A paired with the Aqua Spine removed 77 square meters while keeping the rebar and inner-steel structure intact. The Aqua Cutter sat on top of the pylon, while the Aqua Spine was placed on the side of the pylon.

Circular Power Head

If you have a concrete pillar that needs repair, a Circular Power Head will simplify that process. Powered by an Aqua Cutter, it consists of two half pieces that wrap around cylinder shapes of any diameter to create a 360-degree ring.

The Circular Power Head eliminates vibrations that cause microfracturing, leaving a sound surface ready for new material. For maximum vertical reach, the center of the Circular Power Head is displaced where it attaches to the Aqua Cutter spine. This allows the attachment to reach the top of the pillar before the tower hoist reaches the underside of an enclosure. Using the Aqua Cutter’s standard tower, the Circular Power Head achieves a reach as high as 26.2 feet (8 meters).

The Circular Power Head can be used for both onshore and offshore jobs. For a project that requires several tasks, the Circular Power Head provides simple setup, allowing contractors to quickly move from one assignment to the next.

Bridge project in Northern Norway requiring surface preparation work on the bridge columns using Hydrodemolition techniques.

Extension Kit

To increase versatility and extend an Aqua Cutter’s reach, Aquajet provides its Extension Kit system. The kit expands reach side to side, as well as vertically and uses an elbow for hard-to-reach areas, making it ideal for jobs at bridge decks, berth and pier work, dams, tunnels and wastewater plants.

The Extension Kit offers an additional reach of about 5 to 8 feet (1.5 to 2.5 meters), depending on the model, allowing operators to access spots unreachable by other equipment. When performing bridge repair, for instance, the Extension Kit enables an Aqua Cutter to work from the bridge deck and reach over the barrier without having to remove it, saving contractors time and hassle. The Extension Kit can be configured to reach the underside of the bridge deck by reaching over the edge and pointing the cutting head upwards.

On top of saving contractors time, the Extension Kit improves operator safety by eliminating labor-intensive alternatives, like using hand tools to remove concrete from surfaces that are difficult to reach.

By mounting the Extension kit on the Aqua Cutter robot, the robot can be standing on a deck working at both sides or under a bridge without any need to remove the bridge railing.


Aquajet’s Rotolance is a surface preparation tool attachment that provides operators with a powerful instrument for cleaning, light removal and roughening concrete surfaces. All Rotolance offerings can be used to prepare concrete in various applications, such as roads, bridges, harbors, sewage pipes and industrial service in the petrochemical industry. Along with concrete, contractors can use the Rotolance to remove rubber coatings, paint, rust, plastic and other materials.

While Aqua Cutter robots are typically used to take out deeper sections of concrete, the Rotolance serves as a light-removal alternative. This method avoids sand blasting, eliminating dust pollution. Furthermore, there is no contaminated sand that requires disposal. Compatible with the 410, 710 and 750V Aqua Cutters, the Rotolance comes in four versions — the Rotolance 1000, 2500, 2500 XL and 2500 LT.

The Rotolance easily attaches to an Aqua Cutter and can replace the regular cutting heads on the Aqua Spine and Aqua Frame. When pairing the Rotolance with the Aqua Spine, operators can remove concrete that would be difficult or impossible to reach with a robot alone.

The Rotolance is a powerful tool for cleaning, light removal and preparatory work to roughening concrete surfaces. It removes rubber coatings, paint and various kinds of layers such as rust and plastic – without vibrations and dust pollution.

Reaching the Next Level

The demand for Hydrodemolition continues to grow as contractors find creative new applications. Aquajet’s accessories are designed to maximize versatility and provide a diverse portfolio of uses for its equipment. By coupling an Aqua Cutter with these accessories, Hydrodemolition can be applied in areas not thought to be previously possible.

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