This is hydrodemolition, and it’s amazing

Hydrodemolition is ideal for removing selected parts without damaging the rebar. Basically you leave the good concrete and reinforcements undamaged. It’s the sustainable way to protect and preserve concrete constructions. Life cycle analysis shows that hydrodemolition superiors other methods and gives a durability that equals a new construction. No cracks. No jackhammers. No problems. Just hydrodemolition by Aquajet Systems.

The work place


Before even thinking about starting we must make sure the worksite is safe. Make sure that the backside of the object that you are working on is cleared out and well protected. The water will have a speed of 400 to 750 meters per second. Compared to a 9mm gun that has an exit speed of just over 350 meters per second.
Mark out the restricted perimeter around the worksite with either cones that go 25 meters to the left and 25 meters forward and 25 meters to the right, and 10 meters behind. Or you can shield the robot with barriers. If working close to live traffic for example.

Make sure that all the safety equipment is in place. For example fire extinguisher, first aid and information on high-pressure water injuries. Aquajet´s power pack contains all of these. Safety equipment must be worn at all times while working with hydrodemolition.

Make sure that all the hoses and joints are in a good condition and never tighten a connection while it is pressurized.

Aquajet systems offers a complete training program where you will learn all there is to know about all our equipment and how to use them in a safe and efficient way.

The robots


Let’s start with the Aqua Cutter, the most versatile and advanced Hydrodemolition robot in the world.
The Aqua Cutter is powered by a diesel engine or an electric motor. The movements are controlled and monitored by an operator with a remote control at a safe distance. The operation is fully automatic and easily configurable on the operators panel. You can use our technology for all kinds of operations and applications; from tight spaces indoors to bridges, roads, runways, tunnels, power plants and walls. The sky’s the limit!
The Equal distance system, EDS, is one of Aquajet’s great and patented innovations.

With EDS – you’ll keep a preset distance from the nozzle to the concrete surface. Regardless of the attack angle. Without EDS – the water jet will have lost a lot of power before it hits the concrete. This means more water jet power when it hits the concrete and there by higher production rates.

Another great thing is the ability to cut geometrical shapes – like circles, triangles, and squares. Just program your shape on the display or draw on the surface. Easy and fun to use. Time saving. And extremely efficient.

The pumps

The Aqua Cutter is connected to a high-pressure pump unit – a power pack. Together they’re like a sports car, and a racing garage. Basically everything you’ll ever need for your contracts – in one place.
Water – the most natural thing there is. Essential for most things in life, and hydrodemolition. Just pump clean fresh water from a lake, river or hydrant, an appropriate water supply, and you’re good to go.

Inside the power pack, the water passes through filters, stabilizer tank, booster pump and high-pressure pump. With the help from a powerful diesel engine and state of the art engineering, you’ll achieve the desired pressure and flow.

The water then exits the power pack and travels through the high pressure hose to the robot where it leaves the nozzle at supersonic speed. And this is where the action begins.

Water treatment system


The EcoClear water treatment system is a state-of-the-art solution dedicated to treat hydrodemolition water at a completely new level. EcoClear enables the operator to safely discharge water back into the environment – without the need for an extra water reservoir, without the use of filters of any kind – and without any pollution.

EcoClear is designed to work perfectly with our range of Aqua Cutter robots. It’s capable of handling an impressive flow rate up 20 cubic meters per hour. With EcoClear you can neutralize elevated alkaline pH levels down to pH 6-9 while you have full control of the turbidity level down to 20-40 mg particles/liter.
But that’s not all. You can do all this without any kinds of filters or an extra water reservoir. Perfect for your operation, amazing for the environment.

The Ecoclear works in six steps. As the water passes through the chambers, flocculating agents and carbon dioxide are mixed into the water making the solids drop and clean water continues through the chambers. The solids are contained within a storage hopper and pumped out via an integrated pump.

All through the process you can monitor the pH and ISS level of the water, which is continuously adjusted before being discharged.

Problem solving with Aquajet

  • Industry problem: Lack of precise, consistent concrete removal.
    Aquajet solution: Smart Lance Technology.

  • Industry problem: Managing gray water generated from the Hydrodemolition process.
    Aquajet’s solution: The EcoClear water treatment system.

  • Industry Problem: Filling skilled trade positions.
    Aquajet’s solution: The Aqua Cutter robot for increased productivity with a smaller crew.

  • Industry problem: Excessive equipment noise.
    Aquajet’s solution: The Ecosilence Power Pack.