Hydrodemolition products

Our line of hydrodemolition equipment provides a complete solution for concrete repair, surface preparation and industrial cleaning. With hydrodemolition robots, water treatment systems, high-pressure pumps and accessories Aquajet provides cutting-edge technology for the toughest jobs.

  • Hydrodemolition pumps

    Our innovative high-pressure pump systems provide all the hydrodemolition power you need in a compact, remote-controlled package. Silent-running technology opens up new opportunities in urban and noise-restricted areas. The enclosed design reduces noise and allows for operation in cold or high-humidity environments. Custom options are available for optimal performance in hydrodemolition, industrial cleaning, surface preparation and more.

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  • Hydrodemolition robots

    Increase productivity and safety in industrial cleaning, surface preparation, and concrete repair with innovative, highly versatile hydrodemolition technology. Aqua Cutter robots maintain a preset distance between the nozzle and surface, ensuring no loss of demolition power. Our unique 3D positioning system and industry-leading reach allow for concrete removal on vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces.

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  • Wastewater treatment system

    Treat hydrodemolition wastewater on-site and on-demand with the innovative EcoClear water treatment system. The only fully automated, continuous monitoring system available, the EcoClear ensures wastewater meets specified levels for pH and suspended solids.

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  • Aquajet catalogue

    Welcome directly into our world of hydrodemolition. Have a look at the online version of our product catalogue or order a printed copy to keep in the office.