Waterjet technology

In the world of hydrodemolition, where precision and efficiency are paramount, waterjet technology takes center stage. The cutting edge of this process is how the water is transported through the lance and delivered to the nozzle(s). Everything must work together to transform how we remove concrete and prep surfaces. With innovations such as the Super Lance system and various nozzle options such as Dual, Triple and Cross, waterjet technology has contributed to improve efficiency, precision, and versatility in modern hydrodemolition processes.

More than just a lance

Waterjet technology with Aquajet is more than just a lance, it’s a comprehensive solution featuring elbows, lance extensions, and various nozzle options. Designed for maximum control over concrete removal depth, operators can achieve the ideal result with numerous configuration possibilities. From navigating obstacles with elbows to customizing length with stacked extensions, each element serves a crucial role, empowering contractors with effective problem-solving capabilities.

Super Lance system

The Super Lance system is a well-thought-out solution to enhance Aquajets already innovative hydrodemolition robots. The system doesn’t only include a lance, but multiple parts — such as elbows, lance extensions and different nozzle options — to give operators more control over the concrete removal depth and as many options as possible to achieve an ideal result. Each element of the Super Lance system serves an important purpose to help contractors problem solve. Elbows help operators navigate tricky obstacles while lance extensions can be stacked to create the correct length required for the application. This way the Super Lance System increase the versatility of its line of Aqua Cutters by allowing for several configurations.

The Super Lance System is based on Aquajet’s standardized Aqua Cone® that makes several configurations possible. It features unique elbows compatible with all hose adapters that can be stacked to go around obstacles as needed. It also offers several nozzle types, lances, lance extensions, as well as the dual and triple nozzle heads, to provide contractors with greater versatility.

It is also compatible with Aquajet’s ceramic nozzles engineered for extreme durability. With an expected lifetime of 350 hours, Aquajet’s ceramic nozzles provide industry-leading longevity, cost savings and productivity to maximize efficiency on the toughest jobs.

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Multi nozzles

Optimize precision and efficiency with our cutting-edge nozzle innovations tailored for shallow removal in hydrodemolition operations. Our nozzle configurations either divide the waterjet impact across multiple points, extending the covered area, or employ intersecting jets that cancel each other out at a specific depth, achieving exceptionally precise cuts. Both techniques excel in effective shallow removal.

The standard Spraybar on all Rotolances is particularly effective for surface treatment, providing a removal capacity of up to 10-15 mm. Ideal for tasks like paint and rust removal, it proves versatile for a range of hydrodemolition projects.

The Cross Nozzle option is availabile for all Rotolance models, featuring a unique design with intersecting jets that cancel each other out at a specified depth. This allows for tailored removal to an exact depth, with standard options available at 30 mm, 60 mm, and 100 mm, as well as customizable depths in between achievable by adjusting the power head’s height.

The Dual and Triple nozzle are designed to work seamlessly with lances, lance extensions, and Rotolances. When paired with an oscillating lance, the Dual or Triple Nozzle effectively divides water jet power into two or three impact points, narrowing the oscillation pattern. This feature proves invaluable for shallower removals where the automatic speeds of the robot may fall short in achieving a smooth cut surface. In terms of rotational hydrodemolition capabilities, the dual and triple nozzle heads also serve as compatible attachments for Rotolances. Recognized as “Hydromilling,” this configuration specializes in shallow removal, typically ranging from 10-50 mm, making it a powerful tool for precision hydrodemolition projects.

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Note! All rendered images of the oscillation when using a single, dual and triple nozzle are made with an Aqua Cutter 750V and the Infinity oscillation system.