Aqua Power Pack 270

Our Aqua Power Pack 270 is a high-pressure unit, specially designed for all types of Hydrodemolition applications. On the outside it may look like a basic metal container, in a smaller version, but on the inside it’s a completely different thing. An Aqua Power Pack 270 is state of the art engineering and everything you’ll ever need for your hydrodemolition contracts in one place.

A small box of power

Our Aqua Power Pack 270 is way more than just a motor and pump inside a 10 ft container. It provides easy handling for your robot, accessories, tools and other necessary equipment. Furthermore, it requires minimum space at the construction site and is cost effective in both transport and set-up time.


  • Built-in diesel tank

    Aquajet’s Aqua Power Pack 270 has a powerful diesel engine, high-pressure pump and built-in diesel tank assembled in a 10 ft container. To operate the Power Pack you only need fuel and water supply. No external electric supply is required.

  • REVO control System

    Our REVO control system features all the functions you need to control and monitor the Power Pack. The system is safe and user friendly. Parameters are easily set on the graphic color display with iconic multi-language operator’s instructions.

    Learn more about the REVO control system
SpecificationsPower Pack 270
Pressure UHP 2800 bar/40610 psi *
Pressure (option)1200 bar/17404 psi *
Flow UHP40 l/min (10,6 US Gal/min) *
Flow (option)87l/min (23,0 US Gal/min) *
Tank volume520 l (137 US Gal)
Approx. Weight3650 kg (8046 lb)
Length (L1) 2,991 m (ISO 10’)
Width (W1) 2,438 m (ISO 8’)
Inner width (W2) 2,336 m (ISO 7,8’)
Height (H1)2,591 m (ISO 8,5’)

Aqua Power Pack 270 Aqua Power Pack 270 Aqua Power Pack 270