REVO 3.0 Control System - Aquajet

REVO 3.0 Control System

Our REVO 3.0 Control System features all the functions you need to control and monitor the Power Pack. The system is safe and user friendly. Parameters are easily set on the graphic color display with iconic multi language operator’s instructions.

 Green is the focus

The new REVO 3.0 Control System is equipped with the latest technology to focus on both efficiency and the environment. The system features all the functions you need to control and monitor the Ecosilence 3.0, and it’s safe and user friendly. Parameters are easily set on the graphic color display, with operator instructions available in multiple languages. See all important information in real-time or view the history, such as alarm lists and trip meters of fuel consumption. The system also automatically tracks service schedules, keeping downtime to a minimum.

  • Interactive graphic display

    The display is very clear and simple and you basically just have to set your desired pressure and start the operation.

    The Main menu shows you the most important information and the system will take care of everything else and tell you by simple color codes if something needs to be checked out.

  • One simple layout

    The graphic layout is well known from the Aqua Cutter robots and easy to learn and recognize.

    It is based on tabs where the data for pump, engine and remote is presented together with clear graphics.

    The system has three simple warning levels:
    Yellow = Warning
    Orange = Pressure is automatically switched off
    Red = Engine is automatically switched off

  • REVO Remote System

    The REVO Remote System is a mobile extension of our state-of-the-art control system for Power Packs, the REVO Control System. It allows you to take full control of all processes in your power pack wherever you are operating your Aqua Cutter, not at the Power Pack itself. This is thinking outside the box, literally speaking.

  • Multiple remotes

    REVO Control System is compatible with most remote devices on the market. It can be cable controls, hand guns or radio remote controls.

    With the robot connected to the Power Pack, everything works together as one unit. 

    The two units are connected to each other and to the operator by the Radio Remote Control. Simple and no need for extra cables or devices.

  • Radio Remote Control

    The Radio Remote Control is also standard on the Ecosilence 3.0. The radio remote has a small color display with the most common functions. The Radio Remote receiver is mounted inside the container with an antenna outside. If the worksite is far away or inside a building, the radio receiver can be brought closer to the worksite and connected to the Revo remote.