On location – Emergency repair implemented faster with Hydrodemolition

on location aquajet hydrodemolition rampart aqua cutter 410 710 robot concrete repair

Emergency repair implemented faster with Hydrodemolition on Pensacola Bay bridge by Rampart Hydro-Services.


Quick Facts:

The Pensacola Bay Bridge, also known as the Three-Mile Bridge, that connects downtown Pensacola to Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Bridge project:
Hurricane Sally left the bridge with severe structural damage. To repair the bridge, affected sections of the deck had to be removed so that new sections of decking could be connected to the existing bridge sections left in place. The overlapping connection required exposing 2.5 ft of reinforcing from the existing deck edge, so that connecting reinforcing steel from the new deck section could lap splice onto the existing reinforcing.

Hydrodemolition project:
Removal of existing concrete in the overlap area along 2,386 ft of the exposed edges of the bridge, so that clean and undamaged reinforcing steel could be exposed.

Equipment: Aqua Cutter 710H and Aqua Cutter 410A.


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