The Rotolance is a powerful tool for cleaning, light removal and preparatory work to roughening concrete surfaces. It removes rubber coatings, paint and various kinds of layers such as rust and plastic – without vibrations and dust pollution.

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Our Rotolance comes in four versions and is compatible with all Aqua Cutter 410 and 710 robots, as well as the Aqua Spine. All can be used to prepare concrete in various applications such as roads, bridges, harbours, sewerage pipes and industrial service in the petrochemical industries. But also for cleaning or removal of paint, rust and rubber from ship hulls, storage tanks and much more.


  • Work safety

    The Rotolance system helps to prevent injuries to the operator caused by hand held equipment. It also saves time and money, as it can operate around the clock. All movements are computer controlled in order to get perfect results every time.

  • Multiple versions

    For the Aqua Cutter 710 our standard Rotolance is available in three versions, capable of handling water pressure of up to 1000 or 2500 bar (14500 or 36 300 psi). The Rotolance LT is compatible with the Aqua Cutter 410 and also handles water pressures up to 2500 bar (36 300 psi).

Specifications Rotolance 1000 Rotolance 2500 Rotolance 2500 XLRotolance 2500 LT
Working diameter360 mm (14,1”) 350 mm (13,8”) 350 mm (13,8”)215 mm (8,4″)
Max. water pressure 1000 bar (14 500 psi) 2500 bar (36 300 psi) 2500 bar (36 300 psi) 2500 bar (36 300 psi)
Max. water flow240 l/min (63,4 gpm) 65 l/min (17,2 gpm) 150 l/min (39,6 gpm)65 l/min (17,2 gpm)
Rotation speed0-800 rpm (hydraulic) 0-1000 rpm (hydraulic) 0-1000 rpm (hydraulic) 0-1000 rpm (hydraulic)
Max. hyd. pressure120 bar (1740 psi) 120 bar (1740 psi) 120 bar (1740 psi)120 bar (1740 psi)
Max. hyd. flow20 l/min (10,5 gpm) 20 l/min (10,5 gpm) 20 l/min (10,5 gpm) 20 l/min (10,5 gpm)
HP hose connectionsM36x2 DKO M30x2 GlandM30x2 GlandM30x2 Gland
Max. nos of nozzles 420 2020
Vacuum connections2×2,5” BSP 2×2,5” BSP 2×2,5” BSP 2×2,5” BSP
Weight110 kg (242 lb) 110 kg (242 lb) 135 kg (298 lb)95 kg (209 lb)

Rotolance Rotolance Rotolance Rotolance