• Bridge Hydrodemolition

The Perfect Bridge Repair Option

Hydrodemolition is the most efficient method of road and bridge repair available. With Aquajet’s innovative product lineup, it can be the most eco-friendly, too. Provide fast, high-quality results that extend the lifetime of concrete repairs by a factor of three.

Bridge deck

Large surfaces can be removed, thanks to our AQUA CUTTER robots automation and efficiency. Patchworks like circles, triangles and other geometrical shapes can easily be done with the Evolution control system. You can go down to solid concrete or completely remove all concrete. The rebar remain intact after the operation.

Bridge Hydrodemolition

Bridge beam/parapet beam

A bridge beam or parapet beam can be used for widening or renovations of the concrete structure. You can go down to solid concrete or completely remove all concrete in a 3-side operation. The rebars are left intact.

Bridge Hydrodemolition

Bridge joint

Our products can expose bridge joints without damaging post-tensioned cables, and brackets/attachments within the joint.

Bridge joint Hydrodemolition

Bridge side

Removal of damaged concrete, patchwork or complete removal.

Bridge Hydrodemolition