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Explore the sustainable way to protect and preserve concrete constructions. Behold the most versatile and advanced products on the market. Meet Aquajet – cutting-edge innovations for the toughest hydrodemolition jobs.

Aqua Cutter 750V

Aqua Cutter 750V is our new “Mean Machine” with breakthrough technology in performance and efficiency. The precision is refined and controlled down to every single sequence and every single millisecond of the hydrodemolition process. The new patented Infinity system together with the next generation Evolution control system brings out the best possible results from the machine, making you and your new robot an unbeatable team.


and design

At Aquajet we’re all about new technical innovations and clever designs. We have the experience, strength and ability to transform continuous R&D to customer value. For you, it means efficient, productive, robust and environmentally friendly solutions. But above all, solutions that make your everyday life easier. Our robots are the most advanced hydrodemolition robots on the market thanks to an extensive range of features. Together they ensure top quality results at a high production rate with low costs.

Today, we have several unique and patented solutions in our products. If you ask us, some of them are ingenious and give our products outstanding performance. But don’t take our word for it. Ask the hundreds of satisfied Aquajet customers and operators all around the world. If you don’t get the chance, explore all innovations, features and benefits below.

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“The safety aspect was the number one reason I decided to go with Aquajet”

/ David Porciello, Vice President at Cor Blast Inc