Aquajet Calculator

Like all other successful construction work, the use of hydrodemolition requires meticulous planning and preparation.To make your work a little easier, we created a tool to calculate  water flow, speed and pressure, and reaction forces. The calculator can be used directly in a browser or be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.


  • Nozzle Calculator

    Depending on the parameters you set, you can easily calculate the size, pressure and flow of your nozzles, as well as have full control over water speed, reaction forces and energy consumption.

  • Hose Calculator

    Calculate pressure drop in your high-pressure hoses. This function will tell you both the pressure drop and the speed of water inside the hose, as well as the power loss created by the pressure drop. It also supports multiple parallel hoses.

  • Settings

    The Aquajet Calculator works seamlessly with both Metric and US units. Custom nozzle factors and pump efficiency factors are also available.