Equal Distance System

All our Aqua Cutter robots feature our patented EDS system, short for Equal Distance System. The EDS keeps a preset distance from the nozzle to the concrete surface, regardless of the attack angle of the water jet. This is a major advantage. Standard systems without EDS make the water jet lose a lot of power before it hits the concrete.

 Keep the same distance

With a standard system the distance from the nozzle to the concrete can vary up to 250 mm (10”), depending on the attack angle of the nozzle. With EDS you have the same distance to the surface during the whole operation. The removal of concrete above the rebar is relatively easy. The EDS provides a higher removal rate below the rebar as well, compared to other control systems on the market. All together EDS provides higher efficiency and productivity, more concrete removal per pump hour, energy and fuel savings, controllable removal and better removal around the rebar.