Evolution Control System 2.0

The Evolution 2.0 Control System features highly computerized robotic management for all advanced operations. It enables you to program geometrical figures such as circles, triangles, squares and rhomboids. You can operate at different depths in the same overpass.

An easy way to operations

The display panel uses clear and simple symbols combined with multi-language text, making it very easy to program the most advanced operations. By combining a very sophisticated control system with EDS lance control we have been able to develop a robot with very high efficiency and flexibility. Today, it’s the most sophisticated and flexible system on the market for hydrodemolition robots.


  • Speed zones

    The use of speed zones enhances the possibility of even more accurate removal, and removal of different depths in the same overpass. These zones can also be used to control the lance angle and oscillation.

  • 3D zones

    Removal of complex structures and uneven concrete, and the ability to create geometrical shapes. 3D zones work like our patented shape function, which means that it can cut shapes in depth.

  • Geometrical shapes

    All robots with the Evolution control system have the ability to cut geometrical shapes, such as circles, triangles, squares and rhomboids. You can program your shape of choice on the display or draw on the surface and use the robot’s teach-in system.

  • 3D zones combined with shapes

    Speed zones and 3D zones can be combined with the geometrical shapes function. For example, you can create a circle with an inclined bottom or a rhomboid on several levels.

  • Smart lance control

    The pattern of the oscillation can be changed in different steps and wave-lengths. You can also set a fixed wavelength and program for multiple oscillation patterns, lance angles and removal depths in the same overpass. All movements are precise and smooth. In other words – better lance control and increased lifetime of mechanical parts.