Smart Lance Technology

All Aqua Cutter robots with the Evolution control system have the patented Smart lance software. With the software you get access to advantages that
no other robot offers. The Smart lance technology automatically calculates
and coordinates the complete operating process and optimizes the removal from the operator’s selection. All you have to do is to set a few parameters.

Calculates, coordinates and optimizes

The Smart lance software can handle up to four different water jet attack angles before the robot indexes. It can handle a two level cut in one operation and read, as well as display, the rate in real time. Furthermore, it enables you to store removal rates, save your programming and cut geometrical shapes. It also has a self-diagnostic fail-safe system. In case of any errors, the fail system will display all interruptions in the process with warnings and a recommended solution. Smart lance control also compensates for fluctuating operational parameters causes by ambient temperature changes.

The software gives you excellent communications with the operator, higher efficiency and more removal per operating hour – every day in every operation.