Aqua Power Packs

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Aquajet’s high-pressure pumps

Aquajet’s Aqua Power Packs is state-of-the-art engineering and everything you’ll ever need for your Hydrodemolition operations in one place. These high-pressure units are available in multiple versions for all kinds of Hydrodemolition work. You can choose from containerized standard Aqua Power Pack, containerized Ecosilence® with noise and fuel reduction and Aqua Skid for installation in your truck, trailer, local container or simply to stand alone in a location.

On the outside the Aqua Power Pack may look like a basic metal container, but on the inside it’s a completely different thing. Our Aqua Power Packs are way more than just motors and pumps inside containers. They provide easy handling for your robot, accessories, tools and other necessary equipment. Furthermore, they require minimum space at the construction site and are cost effective in both transport and set-up time. All our 410 and 710 robots will fit into our 23’ Power Packs. All in one package ready to go to the worksite and no need for an extra trailer. Robot is also protected from unauthorized intrusion inside the power pack during the night. Think of it like a racing garage with all the good stuff.


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Aquajet’s standard Aqua Power Pack are available in multiple versions: Aqua Power Pack 270, 400 and 700.hydrodemolition aquajet systems aqua power pack ecosilence

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The Aqua Power Pack Ecosilence® is the super silent high-pressure unit that is specially designed to work in urban environments with highly regulated noise levels. It’s not only significantly quieter and more fuel-efficient than our standard Aqua Power Pack, the noise output is less than half that of other high-pressure units on the market. The Ecosilence® are available in two versions: Ecosilence® 400 and 700.

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Our Aqua Skid is a high-pressure unit that is specially designed for installation in your truck, trailer or local container. They have the same performance and basic functions as our containerized Aqua Power Packs. All units can also be used in areas where enclosing isn’t necessary or possible. Aquajet’s Aqua Skid are available as a 270 Power Pack, with a powerful diesel engine and high-pressure pump.

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All versions have powerful diesel engines, high-pressure pumps and built-in diesel tanks assembled on heavy-duty welded steel frames. To operate one, you only need fuel and water supply. No external electric supply is required.


Revo control system

Our Revo Control system features all the functions you need to control and monitor all of Aquajet’s high-pressure pumps. The system is safe and user friendly. Parameters are easily set on the graphic color display with iconic multilanguage operator’s instructions.

hydrodemolition aquajet systems aqua power pack revo control system

The Revo control system is CAN based, with self-diagnostic monitoring of the whole operation, and displays selected parameters in real time. It also has a built-in calculator for selection of nozzle size, from chosen flow and pressure. The display is very clear and simple, and you basically just have to set your desired pressure and start operation. The main menu shows you the most important information and the system will take care of everything else and tell you by simple color codes if something needs to be checked out.

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Revo remote control system

The Revo remote system is a mobile extension of our state-of-the-art control system for our high-pressure pumps, the Revo control system. It allows you to take full control of all processes in your Aqua Power Pack wherever you are operating your Aqua Cutter®, not at the Aqua Power Pack itself. This is literally thinking outside the box.

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The very purpose of the Revo remote system is to make your work easier in enclosed areas or when there’s a long distance from the Aqua Power Pack to the Aqua Cutter®. The Revo remote system is a complete mirror of the control panel on the Aqua Power Pack. This means that you have full access to start/stop, alarms, pressure, rpm, temperature and much more without being near the Aqua Power Pack.

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Connected controls

With the latest versions of our innovative control systems for our Aqua Cutters and Aqua Power Packs, everything is connected and easy to manage. Our control systems are designed with operator friendliness and reliability as the main criteria: The Evolution control system 2.0 for robots and the Revo control system for Aqua Power Packs. They both have similar layouts and are very easy to work with.

Work as a unithydrodemolition aquajet systems power pack aqua cutter connected_controls
The two units are connected to each other and to the operator by the radio remote control. Simple and without any need for extra cables or devices. For increased performance and safety while operating the robot you can use the radio control. In this system you can also incorporate the control of your Aqua Power Pack. Read and set the operating parameters of the Aqua Cutter robot and the Aqua Power Pack right on the spot, from a safe distance.

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