Aquajet’s Revolutionary Ceramic Nozzles


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When your machine is the one doling out the damage, you engineer every component for extreme durability. Our signature ceramic nozzles are vital to the overall success of our Aqua Cutter hydrodemolition robots.

But our ceramic nozzles aren’t just tough; they’re specially designed to offer industry-leading longevity, cost savings and productivity to maximize efficiency on even the toughest jobs.


A Louisiana contractor saw the benefit of ceramic over steel nozzles firsthand. Faced with a tight deadline to remove 2-foot deep concrete from 1,500 pilings in a swampy area, the contractor employed two Aquajet Aqua Cutter 710Vs with inexperienced crews and an alternative hydrodemolition machine manned by experienced operators. The Aqua Cutters blew the competition out of the water — clearing 21 pilings per day to 5. The contractor attributed its efficiency to the quality of the nozzle.

Over the course of the removal, Aquajet’s ceramic nozzles outlasted and outperformed the competition’s steel nozzles, saving the contractor time and money.

Ceramic Nozzles hydrodemolition hydroblasting aquajet aqua cutter

While steel might be stronger than ceramic in some situations, when it comes to nozzles for hydrodemolition applications, there’s no comparison.

Depending on water quality, our ceramic nozzles can last over 350 hours. Compare that to the less than 50 hours you’ll get from standard steel nozzles. With steel, you’d have to replace the Aqua Cutter 410V’s single nozzle more than 10 times during the lifetime of one ceramic nozzle, incurring hours of unnecessary downtime.

With a 1 to 10 longevity ratio, ceramic nozzles are clearly more durable than their steel counterparts. However, any bottom-line-conscious business knows longevity is only one part of the efficiency equation.

To offer true efficiency, products must also be cost-effective. Steel nozzles are readily available at a lower cost than our ceramic nozzles. However, without the durability of ceramic, you’d end up spending $300 to $1,000 on steel nozzles before replacing one ceramic nozzle. This results in thousands of dollars over the course of the hydrodemolition robot’s lifetime and negatively affects jobsite efficiency in terms of downtime for maintenance.

The higher price of our ceramic nozzles is a result of superior quality and engineering. Engineers thought through each component of our design to ensure optimal efficiency. Ceramic nozzles offer a smoother internal surface than steel, resulting in a longer length of cohesive water jet stream and a higher coefficient of discharge. Though the variance in smoothness is microscopic, the difference in turbulence as the water leaves the nozzle is like comparing a rifle to a shotgun. By maintaining a narrow path for a longer distance, our ceramic nozzles allow you to remove more material with a higher level of accuracy, increasing your overall productivity.

Hydrodemolition contractors are under pressure to get the job done quickly, safely and economically. With industry-leading longevity, cost savings and productivity, our ceramic nozzles are just one example of the care and forethought Aquajet puts into every aspect of our hydrodemolition robots to help you achieve maximum efficiency.


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