Equal Distance System = Equal Removal Over the Entire Work Surface

EDS - Equal Distance System


Like any high-performance machine, there’s more to a hydrodemolition robot than meets the eye. You need to take a look under the hood, so to speak, to really understand the efficiency and productivity-enhancing features that set the industry leaders apart from the rest. These engineering extras allow you to work smarter, not harder – saving time, resources and money on every job, every time.

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Aquajet’s Equal Distance System (EDS) ensures equal working distance between the nozzle and concrete surface regardless of the water jet’s attack angle. This guarantees consistent power and equal removal over the entire work surface, allowing for maximum efficiency and productivity. Here’s why that matters.


Better Than Standard
Imagine a swinging pendulum. The jet of most hydrodemolition robots works in a similar fashion. With a standard system, operators can experience as much as 10 inches (25.4 centimeters) of variance as the water jet moves to the extreme left and right across the work surface. This variance means systems without EDS lose as much as 20% of the power before the water hits the concrete, greatly reducing productivity and increasing waste. Aquajet’s EDS eliminates the variance, allowing for precise, controlled concrete removal over the entire work surface.


Benefits Over Standard
But it’s more than just consistency. By eliminating the power variance, the EDS system provides more efficient removal above and below rebar.

Above rebar, the power difference between Aqua Cutters with EDS and competitive models isn’t necessarily visible to the naked eye. But with the precision required for optimal hydrodemolition, even a slight difference can impact overall effectiveness and project longevity when it comes to creating a superior surface for bonding.

Below rebar, the EDS provides a higher removal rate compared to standard systems, allowing for better, more efficient removal at deeper depths. The continuous power of the EDS also means operators can achieve better removal around rebar while cleaning and descaling in a single pass.

Overall, the EDS allows operators to effectively remove 20% more concrete per pump hour compared to standard systems, adding up to significant energy and fuel savings and increased productivity.

Every Aqua Cutter hydrodemolition machine comes with Aquajet’s signature EDS system – it’s just one of the cutting-edge technologies we incorporate as part of our commitment to safety, versatility and overall effectiveness.


To learn more about the EDS and other innovative, efficiency-enhancing features that can save you time, resources and labor on your next job, contact us today at 800-621-7856 (US) or +46-383-50801 (Sweden)