Improved in every detail – 710V evolution 2.0

Aqua cutter 710V 2.0

We’re proud to present to the successor and heir of the AQUA CUTTER 710V evolution. The first version propelled us to the forefront of our business. Imagine what version 2.0 will do! Here’s the future, improved in every little detail – from the ground up!

aquacutter_710v_2.0_1It has been five years since we launched the first version of AQUA CUTTER 710V evolution at Bauma, Münich. Back then, our groundbreaking robot took the robotic hydrodemolition utilization to a completely new level with its versatility, design and operator friendliness. The launch was huge success. Five years later, we’ve fine tuned the AQUA CUTTER 710V evolution to perfection. Behold version 2.0!

New hoist and 3d positioning

The new design increases reach and handles more force, compared to the previous version.

New tower-system

Torque stiffness is 10x higher and each 1m section are 8kg lighter, with easy hook-on for quick assembly.

Quick connection of the front

Quick change of accessories such as different width of roller beam, radius roller beam, Rotolances, Circular Power Head etc without using any tools.

New front cover

Upgraded splashguards and no need for any tools when removing the side covers.


”The AQUA CUTTER 710V evolution 2.0 is the essence of the latest innovations and upgrades. It has a bunch of brand new functions and improved features that will take robotic Hydrodemolition to a new level. That’s a promise!”

Ronnie Hilmersson, Design & Engineer Manager



New interactive graphic display

TraversesFaster and easier programming which decreases set-up times even more and makes programming and control like walk in the park.

Smooth lance control

With a newly developed core for positioning, all movements are more precise and smooth. In other words  – better lance control and increased lifetime of mechanical parts.


New different modes

Speed zonesNew different settings are now available for accomplishing the perfect Hydrodemolition result:

Speed zones

Enhances the possibility to even more accurate removal, and removal of different depths at the same overpass. These zones can also be used to control the lance angle and oscillation.


3D zones

3D zonesRemoval of complex structures and uneven concrete, and the ability to create Geometrical Shapes. 3D zones works like our patented shape function, on the depth.

3D zones combined with shapes

Speed zones and 3D zones can be combined with Geometrical Shapes. For example, you can create a circle with an inclined bottom or a rhomboid in several levels.


Computerized control of oscillation

OscillationThe pattern of the oscillation can be changed in different steps and wavelengths. You can also set a fixed wavelength.


More for the efficiency

On top of all above advantages there are a number of new features that makes life easier and jobs more efficient for you.
-Selectable units, Metric or US.
-Indexing L+R sync option.
-Vertical shapes with the hoist function.
traverses4-Selectable tools, it is now possible to select if you are controlling for example an Aqua Spine or an Aqua Frame from your robot. The system will help you with the correct settings.
-Possible to change robot model in the display when upgrading your robot.


Radio control with display

For increased performance and safety, operating the robot and can also incorporate the control of your Power Pack.
– Settings from a distance at a glance.
– Read and set the operation parameters of the Aqua Cutter robot and the Power Pack right on the spot, from a safe distance.
– Set and control all you need, such as the Power Pack operating pressure and rpm and the robot optimized performance.
– The settings are displayed on the screen for the operator supervision.

Aquajet Remote