REVO REMOTE – Just bring it

Revo Remote - Just bring it


Aquajet Revo RemoteThe REVO REMOTE system allows you to bring the full control of your Power Pack wherever your worksite are.
It can be inside a closed area, a nuclear power plant or just if there is a long distance between the robot and the Power Pack.

The REVO REMOTE is a complete mirror of the control panel on the Power Pack which means that start/stop, alarms, pressure, rpm, temperatures and everything else is accessed right where you are.


The Power Pack can be locked off and will take care of itself and does not need any extra attention. REVO REMOTE plugs right into the remote control outlet on the Power Pack and it has both the possibility to control the pressure ON/OFF directly from the box or to use any remote, pedal or radio receiver.

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Aquajet Revo Remote