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Aquajet app iconBring the power of Hydrodemolition to your smartphone with Aquajet’s app. It’s a powerful tool to help you calculate water flow, water speed, pressure, and reaction forces in the palm of your hand. We’ve redesigned our previous app from the ground up to make it even more user friendly and versatile. Basically everything you need to do your best work anywhere – on the go. The app is available for iPhone on Appstore and Android phones on Google Play. Just follow the links below to get started. Enjoy!


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What’s great with version 2.0?

  • Whole new user interface, easier to use than ever before
  • Supports every nozzle on the market thanks to custom nozzle function
  • Calculate the power required to drive the high pressure pump
  • Calculate pressure drop and power loss in high pressure hoses
  • Web view inside the app to access the whole product line, news and application examples
  • Support for Metric and US units
  • Support for single nozzle or multiple nozzles
  • Support for combinations of different types of nozzles
  • Direct contact to Aquajet Systems by phone or e-mail within the app

What to calculate? 

  • Nozzle sizes from a given pressure and flow
  • Pressure from a given size of nozzle/nozzles and flow
  • Flow from a given size of nozzle/nozzles and pressure
  • Reaction forces
  • Speed of water
  • Power consumption
  • Pressure drop in hoses

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