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Our Hydrodemolition robots are tough and durable highend products, built to operate over a long period of time.
Since our establishment in 1988, we have constantly improved our products in terms of design, functionality and technology. To always make the good things better is part of our DNA. One would call it survival of the fittest. In the end, it’s just basic evolution.


Like a Ferrari, or any other premium sports car, a robot from Aquajet has the ability to stand the sands of time. A Ferrari from the the nineties is still a Ferrari in every aspect, just like a brand new Ferrari. But there’s one major difference. The technological level is on an entirely different planet. Our old robots are still performing on a high level around the world, but they can’t be compared with today’s technological marvels. The new series of Aqua Cutter robots have the epithet “evolution” for one simple reason – they have evolved!

Aqua Cutter 710 evolution


Over the years we have continuously developed our products to be more effective, more reliable and more user friendly. Good old Aqua Cutter HV-550 and HVD 6000 are still going strong around the world with over twenty years of service. That’s great and the strongest possible proof that our products are always up for the challenge. The differences between our old and new robots are primarily technological and above all digital. Like a modern car, our new robots are partly computers, partly vehicles. First and foremost, our new robots have a completely different design concept from top to track, making them easier to use and way more efficient in operation. Our innovative design gives the operator freedom to reach all horizontal, vertical and overhead areas up to 7 meters without support. In other words, where most robots fail, the Aqua Cutter will prevail.

Aqua cutter 710V 2.0


The Aqua Cutter evolution 2.0 can handle greater reaction forces, and has faster cutting speed, faster track speed and faster oscillation speed
compared to its older siblings. In addition, it can cut through concrete at a greater lance angle of 45°. Another significant difference is the advanced control system, with a long list of useful features. Examples are Smart lance control, Equal distance system, Intelligent sensing control, programmable oscillation, radio remote control, and the ability to cut geometrical shapes at multiple cutting depths.

All in all, the Aqua Cutter evolution 2.0 is the most versatile Hydrodemolition robot on the market, suitable for all kinds of operations. There’s no other robot like it. Do you want to know more about the evolution of our robots in general and the Aqua Cutter evolution 2.0 in particular?

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