The new versatile Aqua Super lance 3000

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The Aqua Super Lance 3000 replaces the previous lance and allows contractors to use a single lance for any pressure up to 43,500 psi (3,000 bar). The modular system can be assembled in a number of configurations for any application. It also features a variety of longevity and performance improvements. The Super Lance is now standard on Aqua Cutter robots and can be retrofitted to older models.

“The lance is what the entire robot is designed around, so naturally we never stop researching and developing ways to improve it for our customers,” said Roger Simonsson, Aquajet Systems managing director. “The Aqua Super Lance is adaptable to a number of different applications and fits with existing Aqua Cutter robots, giving contractors another tool to make their businesses more efficient and profitable.”

Aqua Cutter hydrodemolition robots use the Aqua Super Lance to direct high pressure water at a surface, often to remove deteriorated concrete or to remove concrete to a pre-determined depth without posing risk of microfracturing or damage to the underlying rebar.

Unlike the previous lance system, which required switching lances depending on the pressure, the Aqua Super Lance is capable of handling any pressure up to 43,500 psi (3,000 bar). This is because the system is the perfect balance between having a large enough bore-through hole for high-flow pumps and still being able to handle ultra-high pressure pumps. The improvement means contractors don’t need to keep as many parts on hand or spend valuable time swapping out components. The system is highly modular, allowing for the best configuration for any job. Standardized ends allow components to attach in any direction. For example, if the nozzle needs to enter a narrow space it can be mounted in a 90-degree elbow.

The system also includes uniform threads and seals — regardless of configuration — and multiple fittings for different hoses, making the attachment compatible with any Aqua Cutter on the market. The uniform threads also mean less need for adaptors, which can lead to a risk of leaks if used.

We have improved the performance in the Aqua Super Lance by manufacturing it with a one-half-inch (13-millimeter) bore-through hole and no change in diameter, helping water enter the nozzle without turbulence and not lose power.

The Aqua Super Lance also includes several longevity improvements. The lance itself is lined with ceramic, reducing wear on the lance as it protrudes through the protective rubber below the hydrodemolition robot’s hood. It is also thinner, meaning less wear on the rubber. Aquajet billet machined all pressure parts and added a longer lasting wear cap.

The Aqua Super Lance is equipped with Aquajet’s unique ceramic nozzle specifically designed for demanding hydrodemolition applications. The highly-efficient nozzles last 300-350 hours, depending on the water quality.



hydrodemolition aquajet systems aqua cutter super lance 3000Aqua Super Lance 3000  (Aqua Cutter 410/710)

The lance and the systems around it are actually the spearhead of the Aqua Cutter robot. It is how the lance is controlled and moved that creates the quality of the cut. It is how the water is transported down through the lance and is concentrated through the nozzle that creates the efficiency, as well as how close the nozzle is to the surface.

The Aqua Super Lance 3000 is built as one single system, one standard, all the way up to 3000 bar. Same threads, same seals, and with multiple fittings for different hoses.

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Multiple hose adapters

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Aqua Super Lance kit

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