Aqua Centralizer

The centralizer is a 360° ring mounted on an Aqua Spine base that can be used for treating pipes or round tunnels from the inside. The power head can work a pre-set angle inside the tunnel or it can work the full range 360°.

Centralized power

The Aqua Centralizer can operate both in horizontal tunnels or vertical/inclined tunnels where it can be positioned with a hoist device. The power head and ring assembly indexes automatically along the spine rail to complete a whole tunnel section


  • Adjustable lance angle

    With the 25° adjustable lance angle and adjustable stroke of oscillation, the head can be reversed to handle both inside pipes and outside pillars if used on the Circular Power Head.

  • Connect the Power head

    The power head is easy to attach to the ring curved rail and secured with one single bolt. The Spine roller is attached to the spine rail in the same way.

  • Adjustable diameter

    Centralizer rings are available in following diameters:
    1,0m (fits 1,5-2,0m tunnel)
    1,5m (fits 2,0-2,5m tunnel)
    2,0m (fits 2,5-3,0m tunnel)

    The bottom of the power head slides 250mm in and out to cover different pipe diameters in the 0,5m range between the different ring diameters.

  • Support wheels

    Triple support wheels that center itself and crank handle with two gear ratios, low and high. Centralizer support fits in tunnels with diameters 1,5-3,0 meters.

  • Spine system

    The base of the Aqua Centralizer is the triple rail from the Aqua Spine system, which means it can be built up to 6 meters between the two centralizer supports. The Triple rail can also be mounted in front of the support to reach all the way into a dead end of a pipe.

SpecificationsAqua Centralizer
Total weight with ring ø1,5m (4,9 ft)420 kg (925 lb)
Total weight complete with all rings590 kg (1300 Ib)
Lance angle±25°
Working diameter ø1,0m ringø1,5-2,0m (4,9-6,5 ft)
Working diameter with ø1,5m ringø2,0-2,5m (6,5-8,2 ft)
Working diameter with ø2,0m ringø2,5-3,0m (8,2-9,8 ft)
Max reaction force2000 N
Max length between supports leg6,0 m (6,6 ft)
Spine rail sections0,5/1,0/2,0/3,0 m
Max length on Spine rail outside1m (3,3 ft)
Oscillation step 15° / 26mm (1,0 in)
Oscillation step 29° / 48mm (2,0 in)
Oscillation step 314° / 74mm (2,5 in)
Lance adjustment in-out250mm (9,8 in)
Roller speedAUTO
Indexing speedAUTO
Max water depth continious1m (3,3 ft)
Max water depth intermittent10m (33 ft)

Drawings & measurements

Aqua Centralizer Aqua Centralizer Aqua Centralizer Aqua Centralizer Aqua Centralizer Aqua Centralizer Aqua Centralizer Aqua Centralizer Aqua Centralizer Aqua Centralizer