Aqua Skid 270

A skid mounted Power Pack is a high-pressure unit, specially designed for installation in your truck, trailer or local container. It has the same performance and basic functions as our container Power Packs. The skid mounted Power Pack can also be used in areas where enclosing isn’t necessary or possible. It’s convenient and accessible regardless of your needs.

Mobilize for success

Our standard program of high-pressure units satisfies the market needs, and range from smaller skid mounted units up to heavy duty powerful contracting machines. You can use them for cleaning and paint removal, scarifying and roughening of concrete surfaces, heavy industrial cleaning, concrete demolition and much more.


  • Skid mounted system for engine and pump

    We use Volvo diesel engines in all skid mounted Power Packs. Engines from other manufacturers are optional and can be installed with specific requirements. The base frame is installed on vibration isolators to make the operation smooth and quiet. All pipes and fittings surrounding the engine area are made from stainless steel and non corrosive material.

  • REVO Control system

    Our REVO Control system features all the functions you need to control and monitor the Power Pack. The system is safe and user friendly. Parameters are easily set on the graphic colour display with iconic multi-language operator’s instructions.

SpecificationsPOWER PACK 270 skid
Pressure1200 bar / 17404 psi *
Flow87 l/min (18,2 US Gal/min) *
Tank volume 520 l (137 US Gal)
Approx. weight 2 300 kg (5 070 lb)
Frame length (L1) 2200 mm (86”)
Total length (L2) 2524 mm (99”)
Frame width (W1) 1100 mm (43,3”)
Mounting width (W2) 1294 mm (50,9”)
Total width (W3) 1814 mm (71″)
Height (H1) 1627 mm (64″)
Height (H2) 1668 mm (66”)

Aqua Skid 270