ERGO Rotolance

The Ergo Rotolance is the perfect complement to the Ergo system. It will cover a lot of areas beyond the standard Ergo power head. Basically everything that is surface related, for example industrial cleaning, surface preparation, concrete scarification and paint removal.

Surface preparation tool

The Ergo Rotolance comes in two versions;  Rotolance 130 and Rotolance 130S. All versions can be equipped with vacuum connection for removing water and debris.


  • Ergo Rotolance 130

    The Ergo Rotolance 130, has a hydraulically driven swivel with up to 8 nozzles and a spray pattern of ø130 mm.

  • Ergo Rotolance 130S

    The Ergo Rotolance 130S, has the same swivel design but is also equipped with suspension to be able to follow an uneven or curved surface, for example a ship hull.

  • Versatile tool

    Thanks to the hydraulic drive the rotation speed is controlled in a very precise way and will perform even results all the time. The large spray pattern makes it perfect for everything from paint removal to concrete scarification. The suspension mechanism on the Ergo Rotolance 130S has an ingenious design that allows the spring force to be adjusted in four steps and can at the same time also lift the rotor head up from the surface to make assembly easier and to inspect the result.

SpecificationsROTOLANCE 130 ROTOLANCE 130S
Working diameter 130 mm (5,1″) 130 mm (5,1″)
Water pressure 100-3000 bar (1450-43 500 psi)100-3000 bar (1450-43 500 psi)
Water flow 0-38 l/min (0-10,0 gpm) 0-38 l/min (0-10,0 gpm)
Max hydraulic pressure160 bar (2320 psi)160 bar (2320 psi)
Max hydraulic flow7,2 l/min (1,90 gpm)7,2 l/min (1,90 gpm)
HP hose connections 9/16 HP 9/16 HP
Max n:o of nozzles 88
Vacuum connections 2” BSP / 2” camlock 2” BSP / 2” camlock
Weight20 kg (44 lb) 26 kg (54 lb)
Rotation speed 0-1100 rpm (hydraulic) 0-1100 rpm (hydraulic)
Suspension stroke 55mm (2,2″)
Tilt sideways ±6°
Tilt back/forward ±3°

Drawings & measurements

ERGO Rotolance ERGO Rotolance ERGO Rotolance ERGO Rotolance ERGO Rotolance ERGO Rotolance ERGO Rotolance ERGO Rotolance