ERGO Spine

This innovative attachment couples with the convenience and portability of the Ergo system to deliver a lightweight yet formidable hydrodemolition solution. Its powerful water jets efficiently take on concrete removal and repair in some of the most challenging spaces to work, opening up the productivity of robotic hydrodemolition to nearly anybody in any location.

Flexible hydrodemolition support

The ERGO Spine includes an Ergo Spine and a power head attached with a single bolt to a roller beam, which is connected to a spine roller mounted on a spine rail. Depending on the configuration, the setup may be supported by standard support legs, or the spine rail may be attached directly to a surface.


  • The roller beam

    The roller beam and spine rail robotically position the power head as it moves along. As it maneuvers, the Ergo Controller’s Intelligent Sensing Controls automatically adjust the water jet to control the concrete removal depth. As the power head moves along the Ergo Spine, it removes concrete in sections as small as 0.25 meter (9.8 inches) up to 2 meters (6.6 feet), leaving the rebar clean and undamaged.

  • Single bolt system

    All parts can be carried by one person and all connection points are with a single bolt.

    We use the same bolt size for connections between spine parts and all intersection points are marked with red.

  • Lightweight system

    Every system component is lightweight, which enables the operator to handle, transport and assemble the system all by himself or herself. Smart, mobile and convenient? You bet!

  • Quick connection

    The Power Head is snapped on to the roller beam and secured with one single bolt.

  • Setups

    The Ergo Spine features a low weight, high strength skeleton base with a wheel setup that divides forces for the ability to handle high reaction forces. The Spine’s standard setup easily tackles concrete walls, floors and ceilings while the side setup delivers hydrodemolition power to narrow spaces.

Working width0,25-2,0 m (0,82-6,56 ft)
Max length between supports2,0 m (6,56 ft)
Min clearance height500 mm (19,69 in)
Roller beam lengths0,25 / 0,5 / 1,0 m (0,82/1,64/3,28 ft)
Lance angle ±45°
Oscillation steps 8° / 22 mm (0,87 in) and 14° / 42 mm (1,65 in)
Weight Spine roller 28 kg (61,7 lbs)
Weight Spine rail 11 kg/m (7,39 lbs/ft)
Weight Power head 21 kg (46,3 lbs)
Weight Roller beam 9,5 kg/m (6,38 lbs/ft)
Weight complete spine (2x2m)approx. 125 kg (275,6 lbs)
Max reaction forceS2000N @ 1,0m from spine center
Drive sourceErgo Controller

Drawings & measurements

ERGO Spine ERGO Spine ERGO Spine ERGO Spine