The Extender, an adaptable accessory to the Aqua Cutter 750V robot in hydrodemolition operations where the height may differ. The Extender enables the robot to effortlessly navigate sloped roofs, varying-height spaces, and below-grade areas, with its 1.2 m height difference capability, ensuring versatility and efficiency in every operation.

Adaptable reach

As a flexible addition to the Aqua Cutter 750,  the Extender simplifies hydrodemolition in various scenarios – overhead, below grade and within constrained spaces. Whether dealing with sloped roofs, varying roof heights, below-grade tasks like ditches or canals, or working between beams on structures like bridges and parking garages, the Extender is your solution for versatile hydrodemolition operations. What’s more, it’s a simple adaptation for the robot with no need for any additional hydraulics.


  • Sloped roofs

    Designed especially for overhead hydrodemolition operations in spaces with sloped or varying-height roofs, the Extender, once attached to the robot, enables it to execute hydrodemolition work within height differences of up to 1.2 m.

  • Below grade

    This adaptable accessory is also essential for below-grade operations, effortlessly executing hydrodemolition in areas like ditches or canals, where the concrete surface lies up to 1.0 meter below grade level.

  • Sideways applications

    Featuring full side shift capability, the Extender also enables side operations between beams. By attaching the Aqua Cutter 750 roller beam to the Extender, along with the smaller protection cover over the power head, the capability for sideways applications is further enhanced. This is particularly beneficial in confined or tight spaces.

  • Full adaptability

    Whether below grade, overhead, or sideways, the Extender sets new standards for precision and adaptability in hydrodemolition operations.

Extension length1.0 m (3.3′)
Total weight40.3 kg (89 lb)
Max reaction force2000 N
Compatible withAqua Cutter 750
Note! Side work with the Aqua Cutter 750 roller beam only possible with the smaller protection cover over the power head.

Drawings and images

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