Renovation of garage floor


Aquajet products are best known for large jobs, but they can be used for smaller jobs, too. A contractor, for example, used the Ergo System for a garage floor renovation at a villa. The concrete floor was 140m2 and had heavy damages and needed to be re-casted with new concrete. The floor was diamond grinded and therefore not good for bonding a new layer of concrete.


A 2,5×2,5m frame was assembled with standard scaffolding tubes. Then the Ergo climbers were mounted, as well as the roller beam and Power Head. The hydraulic hoses were connected to the Ergo Controller with a quick connector. System ready! The job was done in squares, and the frame was re-positioned after each square was finished.

The big benefit of the Ergo system is that it’s small and lightweight and can be transported in the back of a small van. It’s also fast and easy to set up.


hydrodemolition scarifying surface preparation aquajet aqua cutter ergo power pack application


For this job, the contractor used the small Power Pack 270, which has water pressures up to 2800 bar and a flow rate of 40l/min. The small amount of water was a huge advantage since the work was done inside a building.

The contractor also used the Ergo Rotolance 130S for its precise, automated movements and a water jet capacity as high as 45m²/h. The job was finished in just 3 high-pressure hours.


The superior method
The Hydrodemolition method is perfect for these kinds of jobs because it is selective. If a mechanical mill, which is not selective, had been used, both the sound and the damaged concrete would have been removed.

The treated surface was perfect for bonding the new concrete layer, and the final result was a single, solid concrete plate ready to be diamond grinded and polished to perfection.



Printable PDF – Damaged garage floor treated with ergo




Scarifying and surface preparation​

The Rotolance is an ideal tool for surface preparation, quickly and precisely removing a shallow layer of concrete. In addition to only removing the damaged concrete, it also roughens the area, leaving a surface in prime condition for bonding new material. For a smooth concrete surface, the Rotolance is the best and most efficient way to roughen it and to ultimately get a good result.


Robotic process:
1000 – 3000 bar / 14 500-43 500 psi
38 – 264 liters / 10-70 gal of water

Ergo go / Ergo Rotolance / Power Pack 270
Aqua Cutter 410 / Rotolance 2500 / Power Pack 270
Aqua Cutter 710 / Rotolance 1000 / Power Pack 700
Aqua Cutter 710 / Rotolance 2500 / Power Pack 700