Aquajet website updates

We are continuously updating our web site to make it a tool for you to have qick access to all you need.
This is an overview of how to use the web site and the latest updates.

Tab menu (all products):


Summary tab

  • Gives a quick overview of the product
  • Slide show with product images
  • Look at a single image by clicking one of the round dots
  • Click on the image to view it in larger size



Specifications tab

  • Product facts and measurements table
  • Slide show with drawings (if more than one is avalible)
  • Look at a single drawing by clicking one of the round dots
  • Click on the drawing to view it in larger size



Documentation tab

  • Download product brochure as PDF


In action

In action tab

  • Images from worksites
  • Click on the images to view it in larger size


Accordion menu (all products):

Accordion menu

In the accordion menu you will find (depending on product):

  • Examples of how to use this produkt
  • Features and benefits
  • Innovations and design


Other news:

Information about evolution 2.0 control system

Personal e-mail and cellphone on contact page

New videos at Aquajet systems youtube channel

New Job reports


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