3 concrete removal problems Ergo can help you solve

Lightweight ERGO System Offers Power and Precision in Challenging Situations

Aquajet’s Ergo System represents a new weight class among Hydrodemolition robots. Capable of up to 43,500 psi (3,000 bar), this featherweight was specially designed to maximize versatility and safety in challenging concrete removal and industrial cleaning applications, as well as provide an entry point for those exploring Hydrodemolition and water jetting services.

So, where exactly can you go with Ergo? Here are three challenging removal situations the Ergo System can help solve.

What is Ergo?

First, you are not familiar with the Ergo, it is our most compact hydrodemolition robot. It includes a controller unit along with a power head and climber, which are mounted on a frame system, such as scaffolding. This allows contractors to use the robot in many types of situations and positions.

The Ergo exerts force up to four times greater than a hand lance, making it an effective alternative for removing concrete, rubber coatings, paint, rust, plastic and other materials. It also roughens surfaces faster than traditional methods for better bonding, making it ideal for resurfacing applications.

From road and bridge repair to industrial cleaning, the Ergo System can go into the tightest spaces — as narrow as 14 inches (35.6 centimeters) — while delivering removal rates up to 10 cubic feet (.28 cubic meters) per hour.

Close-Quarter and Limited Access Operations

Tasked with material removal in the catch basin under a tank? Need to remove concrete in the narrow space behind pipes or existing structures? These situations are no problem for the compact Ergo.

To safely operate hand lances, operators need more than 5 feet (1.5 meters) to maneuver. Slightly less space is required to operate handheld chipping tools, but crews still need to be able to achieve proper attack angles and exert force. The Ergo can operate in as little as 14 inches.

For a refractory removal application, the light weight of the components made it easy for workers to use a manhole entry to take the cutting head and climbers inside the furnace. The controller was positioned outside and hydraulic hoses extended inside.

The Ergo Go removed the refractory lining, leaving the tubes intact and the anchors undamaged.

The Ergo climbers and cutting head were installed on the scaffolding system inside the furnace.

Hydrodemolition and specifically the Ergo was also a good solution for an interior project. The building owner needed to add new drains in the foundation for new tanks, which involved cutting 20-inch deep by 24-inch wide trenches. Because the rebar needed to remain in place, Hydrodemolition was a good choice for the concrete removal.

It wasn’t possible to get a larger Hydrodemolition robot into the workspace, so the Ergo was ideal for the concrete removal, which totaled about 15 cubic meters. The contractor used a vac truck to collect the water and debris from the Hydrodemolition process.

Material Removal on Curved Surfaces 

In addition to tight spaces, the Ergo can also take on curved surfaces. From pipes, tubes and tanks to piers, pylons and columns, the Ergo provides impressive material removal rates on interior and exterior surfaces.

Here again, the Ergo’s fast setup and easy maneuverability maximize uptime. Using the Ergo, a customer tasked with removing coating from inside large concrete water tanks was able to do it more safely and efficiently. Ergo made it possible to eliminate hand lance work on scaffolding, which made employees happy and cut removal time in half.

Depending on the angle of curvature, contractors can go with the spine or use the climber with curved scaffolding.

For surface preparation over large areas, such as water storage tanks or parking garages, contractors can use the Ergo Rotolance series to achieve production rates in excess of 100 square feet per hour. The Rotolance 130S is specially designed with a suspension system that allows it to follow uneven or curved surfaces.

Underwater Concrete Removal

The flexible setup of the Ergo System also makes it ideal for underwater applications like bridge pylons or piers. With the controller positioned above the high-water mark, contractors don’t need to worry about tides. The spine and climber function as easily below the waves as above. This allows contractors to work at their own pace, rather than Mother Nature’s, and minimizes the need for divers, reducing labor costs and increasing safety.

Get Going with Ergo

With the Aquajet Ergo System contractors can apply powerful robotic solutions anywhere — with impressive results.

Want an Ergo in your corner? Contact our team today.