410V Tunnel Kit

There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, especially when you use the innovative Tunnel Kit. This add-on to the Aqua Cutter 410V, gives you many advantages in tight spaces such as confined, oval and uneven tunnel constructions. Your operation becomes a walk in the park, although tunnels often are found below ground.

Split tunnel vision

The Tunnel Kit has many advantages, such as automatic detection and the ability to adjust the distance to the tunnel surface. This makes it very easy to operate in uneven tunnel shapes or oval tunnels. Aquajet’s Tunnel Kit can work tunnels from 1,3 m up to 3 m (4,3-9,8 ft) in diameter. Small and big enough for almost every operation.

Specifications410V Tunnel Kit
Total weight1160 kg (2560 lb)
Length2,0 m (6,6 ft)
Min. width0,78 m (2,6 ft)
Track width0,78-1,16 m (2,6-3,8 ft)
Min. height0,99 m (3,2 ft)
Operating height4 m (13,1 ft)
Operating diameter1,3-3,0 m (4,3-9,9 ft)
Vacuum connections2 x 2,5” BSP
Diameter nozzle head250 mm (9,8”)
Flow and pressure170-65 l/min @ 800-2500 bar

410V Tunnel Kit 410V Tunnel Kit 410V Tunnel Kit 410V Tunnel Kit 410V Tunnel Kit