Aqua Cutter 750V

Aqua Cutter 750V is our new “Mean Machine” with breakthrough technology in performance and efficiency. The precision is refined and controlled down to every single sequence and every single millisecond of the hydrodemolition process. The new patented Infinity system together with the next generation Evolution control system brings out the best possible results from the machine, making you and your new robot an unbeatable team.

More about the “Mean Machine”

The Aqua Cutter 750V features Aquajet’s revolutionary patented Infinity oscillation system and the next generation Evolution Control System that automatically calculates optimal settings for oscillation. The new oscillation moves the water jet in an infinity pattern, removing more concrete in a single pass while reducing shadowing, eliminating the risk of pipe holes and providing an ideal bonding surface.


  • Evolution 3.0 control system

    The latest Evolution 3.0 control system is yet another step up for computerized robotic management for advanced operations and adapted to work seamlessly with the new Aqua Cutter 750 and the Infinity oscillation. With several new functions, such as remote start and stop, power saving functions, automatic calculation of the infinity oscillation system and a number of other safety features, the latest Evolution 3.0 takes your work to another level.

    Learn more about Evolution control system 3.0
  • Inclination sensor

    New safety improvements to the system were also added, such as an inclination sensor, for when using the Aquajet connected control, that shuts off auto and high-pressure water if the machine tips over. The sensor also displays the inclination of the machine in both axles and warns the operation when inclination is too high.

  • Visual status light

    The Evolution 3.0 Control system uses a visual status light to show the state of the machine with different colors. This allows operators to easily see when the machine is working correctly, when it needs attention and when automatic functions or the engine has stopped.

  • Precision drive

    The 750V also offers a new level of performance with Aquajet’s precision drive. This technology provides highly accurate hydraulic movements, eliminating the inconsistencies that compromise the result. In automatic mode, the robot’s lance is highly controlled and keeps the water jet in the ideal position at all times, which is key to achieving a perfect hydrodemolition result.

  • Safety improvements

    In addition, the Evolution 3.0 control system incorporates several safety and efficiency features to maximize performance, such as remote start and stop of the diesel engine through radio remote control and an automatic main switch that triggers an automatic machine shut down if there’s no activity for a certain amount of time.

  • Infinity oscillation system

    Infinity oscillation is a revolutionary technological advancement for concrete repair through hydrodemolition. The Infinity oscillation is an Aquajet patented innovation that makes the concrete removal process more efficient and with a much smoother surface as a result.  All by letting the lance move in a dual circular motion, instead of just a pendulum movement, while it oscillates, making the speed of the oscillation constant across the surface throughout the cycle, eliminating the effect of pipe holes.

  • Intelligent Sensing Control

    Intelligent Sensing Control, ISC, uses intelligent software that operates via closed loop systems that continuously memorize the movements of the water jet. It also monitors the process from the operator’s settings. The system is standard on all Aqua Cutter robots as well as the Ergo, used for controlling the Aqua Spine.

    Learn more about Intelligent Sensing Control
SpecificationsAqua Cutter 750V
Total weight 2340 kg (5159 lb)
Length 2,57-2,87 m (8,4-9,4 ft)
Min. width 1,03 m (3,4 ft)
Track width 1,03-1,63 m (3,4-5,4 ft)
Min. height 1,3/1,6 m (4,2/5,2 ft)
Operating height 5 m (16,4 ft)
Side reach 2 m (6,6 ft)
Lance angle ± 45°
Working width 0-2,45 m (0-8,0 ft)
Working width extended 0-4,45 m (0-14,6 ft)
Drive source Diesel engine 18kW / 1200-2600 rpm

Drawings & measurements

Aqua Cutter 750V Aqua Cutter 750V Aqua Cutter 750V Aqua Cutter 750V Aqua Cutter 750V Aqua Cutter 750V Aqua Cutter 750V Aqua Cutter 750V Aqua Cutter 750V Aqua Cutter 750V