Aqua Spine

The Aqua Spine is an innovative multi-modular system for all surfaces that may be inaccessible for Aqua Cutter robots. It’s used extensively on shore and offshore constructions as well as hydro- and nuclear power plants. In other words, the power of the Aqua Spine can turn seemingly impossible tasks into new possibilities.

Embrace the impossible

The system can be positioned directly on concrete by anchor bolts or supported by carriers such as hydraulic platforms, cranes and scaffoldings. It can be tailored, assembled and modified for specific tasks according to your own specifications. All power and control functions are provided by a standard Power Control Module (PCM) or by any of our Aqua Cutter robots.

  • Works under water

    The Aqua Spine can be equipped with a Circular Power Head to operate pillars above or below water. Pillar clamps are available manual with straps or fully hydraulic.

  • Grow a backbone

    The Aqua Spine has two different rail systems: Dual or triple. Both are interchangeable within the system. You can use the dual in confined areas or when you have several accessible attachment points to fix the rail. The triple rail is used for a longer free span, up to 6 meters between the supports, horizontally or free standing.

SpecificationsAqua Spine
Approx. length1,0-6,0 m (3,3-19,7 ft)
Approx. width1,0-3,0 m (3,3-9,8 ft)
Cutting length1,0-6,0 m (3,3-19,7 ft)
Control sourceAQUA CUTTER robot or PCM

Drawings & measurements

Aqua Spine Aqua Spine Aqua Spine Aqua Spine Aqua Spine Aqua Spine