Ecosilence 3.0

The Ecosilence 3.0 is truly revolutionary in terms of both efficiency and environmental benefits. With the latest technology, design and features we’ve reimagined the Power Pack and built an innovative new version that’s ready for anything. Build your own Ecosilence 3.0 with our Aquajet Configurator and take a closer look at all available options and accessories.

Close the door to harsh environments

The Ecosilence 3.0 has evolved from customer feedback over the years to meet both noise, efficiency and environmental requirements that contractors face today. It’s not only quieter and easier to operate, it also has the latest technology all over – making it more effective and fuel efficient than ever, with the lowest emissions. Capable of handling up to 3 000 bar/40 000 PSI and almost any flow and with total enclosure for harsh environments, the Ecosilence 3.0 is all you need in one super compact package.


  • Auto start/stop

    The Ecosilence 3.0 comes with the latest automatic start/stop technology, meaning a safety feature that automatically shuts down and restarts the engine to reduce the amount of time the engine spends idling. Thereby also providing a more environmentally friendly operation with reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

  • REVO Control system

    The new REVO Control system is equipped with the latest technology to focus on both efficiency and the environment. The system features all the functions you need to control and monitor the Ecosilence 3.0, and it’s safe and user friendly. Parameters are easily set on the graphic color display, with operator instructions available in multiple languages. See all important information in real-time or view the history, such as alarm lists and trip meters of fuel consumption. The system also automatically tracks service schedules, keeping downtime to a minimum.

    Learn more about REVO
  • Liquid-to-air cooling system

    The Ecosilence 3.0 has a completely new cooling system design. It uses engine coolant to transfer heat from the engine to the cooler module, which has a large cooler area. Through sound-absorbing air vents, cold air is drawn in by electric speed-controlled fans. The space behind the coolers pressurizes as the air comes in, cools the heat exchanger area, and transports the heat out through the front-end air vents.

  • Robot inside Ecosilence 3.0

    Although the Ecosilence 3.0 is smaller than its predecessors, both the 410 and 710 Aqua Cutter robots still fit inside. All of your equipment is ready to transport in one standard 20 feet container with fork pockets, eliminating the need for an extra trailer. The container also provides secure storage for the robot on the jobsite.

  • Auto shutdown

    Auto shutdown is an advanced feature that keeps your pump running in the long haul. The system is automatically shut down when the battery reaches a critical level to save the batteries. There’s also a safety aspect where the power is kept on as long as the containers light is on. When the containers light is switched off, the main power is also switched off.


The Ecosilence 3.0 is our latest technological wonder for the hydrodemolition and industrial cleaning industries and is available in 3 different versions, 400, 500 and 700, depending on pressure and flow. It’s ready for any mission and improved in every way, with both standard and optional features and functions.

Pressure1030-2500 bar (14938-36259 psi)1050-2500 bar (15228-36259 psi)1040-2550 bar (15080-36984 psi)
Flow60-152 l/min (15-40 US gal/min) 79-183 l/min (20-48 US gal/min)100-262 l/min (26-69 US gal/min)
Reaction force 700-1238 N 922-1384 N 1179-1972 N
Engine400 hp (315 kW) 500 hp (405 kW) 700 hp (515 kW)
Tank volume 820 l (217 US gal) 925 l (225 US gal) 925 l (225 US gal)
Noise level 67-72 dB 67-72 dB 67-72 dB
Length6,058 m (ISO 20′) 6,058 m (ISO 20′) 6,058 m (ISO 20′)
Width2,438 m (ISO 8′) 2,438 m (ISO 8′) 2,438 m (ISO 8′)
Height2,591 m (ISO 8,5′) 2,591 m (ISO 8,5′) 2,591 m (ISO 8,5′)

Ecosilence 3.0 Ecosilence 3.0 Ecosilence 3.0