Revojet 270

The Revojet is highly mobile and takes up less space than other high-pressure pumps, excelling in smaller-scale Hydrodemolition projects. It’s designed to pair with Aquajet’s most compact Hydrodemolition robots — the Aqua Cutter 410 and the Ergo system — for applications such as small parking garage renovation and industrial cleaning.

Efficient and highly mobile

Mobility is a key focus of the Revojet’s design, as it is lightweight enough to be towed by a pickup or large SUV, ensuring easy transportation between various job sites. It also takes up less space than other high-pressure pumps. Paired with Aquajet’s most compact hydrodemolition robots, the Aqua Cutter 410 and the Ergo System, it will deliver remarkable results. Despite its small size, the Revojet matches the performance of Aquajet’s Power Pack 270, with a standard configuration of 2,800 bar and 40 liters/minute (40,610 psi and 10.6 gallons/minute). For projects requiring more power, two Revojets can be operated in parallel to increase pump power from 270 to 540 horsepower (400 kW) as a flexible alternative to a larger pump.


  • Engine, pump and frame

    The Revojet has been expertly customized and now incorporates Aquajet’s Revo control system for improved functionality. This includes the latest start/stop technology and advanced features in the main power system, guaranteeing exceptional performance and safety. It is equipped with the latest fuel efficient engine and a Hammelmann 200 pump, all neatly packaged in a highly mobile trailer unit for easy transport. A stationary Revojet unit is also available.

  • Revo Control System 3.0

    The new REVO control system is equipped with the latest technology to focus on both efficiency and the environment. The system features all the functions you need to control and monitor the Revojet 270, and it’s safe and user friendly. Parameters are easily set on the graphic color display, with operator instructions available in multiple languages. See all important information in real-time or view the history, such as alarm lists and trip meters of fuel consumption. The system also automatically tracks service schedules, keeping downtime to a minimum.

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  • Radio remote

    The Revo remote comes standard with the Revojet and, to increase flexibility, operators can leave the remote in place on the unit or detach the remote and control the Revojet up to 300 meters (984 feet) away with extension cables. In addition to the standard radio remote control, the Revo system is compatible with most remotes and high-pressure tools on the market — whether Aquajet tools or those from common manufacturers.

  • Auto start/stop

    The Revojet 270 comes with the latest automatic start/stop technology, meaning the system automatically shuts down and restarts the engine to reduce the amount of time the engine spend idling, thereby providing a more environmentally friendly operation with reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

  • Built-in capabilities

    The Revojet’s main power system features a variety of built-in capabilities. The system monitors the battery level and shuts down when critical to avoid discharging them completely. It also offers an adjustable auto shutdown timeout that can automatically turn off the main power after a certain period of inactivity to save battery. The main power is also automatically kept on until the engine finishes its shutdown process.

  • Flashing status light

    A flashing status light is attached to the Revojet 270 on the outside. This safety feature communicates both information and warnings by changing the flash frequency and color.

  • Reliable and easy service

    The Revojet was designed to provide easy access for service and maintenance. Two large hatches, one on each side of the machine, allow workers seamless access for routine maintenance such as checking fluid levels or oil and filter changes. This means less downtime, so the jobsite gets up and running faster when it comes time for service. When servicing the Revojet, workers can turn off the pump and remove the ignition key, disabling all system functions except for the work lights to increase user safety.

SpecificationsRevojet 270
Pressure (HP)1200 bar (17404 psi)
Flow (HP)87 l/min (18,2 US Gal/min)
Pressure (UHP)2800 bar (40610 psi)
Flow (UHP)40 l/min (9,0 US Gal/min)
Tank volume210 l (55 US Gal)
Approx. weight3500 kg (7716 lb)
Length (L1)4,992 m (16,3′)
Width (W1)2,211 m (7,3′)
Height (H1)2,477 m (8,1′)

Revojet 270 Revojet 270 Revojet 270 Revojet 270 Revojet 270